4L-1.5 soybean harvester

★ The machine cutter is a special automatic contouring floating knife for harvesting soybeans to ensure that the lowest soybean meal is harvested.

★ This machine is equipped with dual power, walking and harvesting do not interfere with each other.

★ This machine is equipped with double rollers to ensure threshing and separation.

★ The machine is equipped with a secondary recovery device, which is free from cleanness, low loss rate and high cleanliness.

The main technical parameters and performance indicators Feeding amount (kg/sec) 1.5 Supporting power (horsepower) 24-28 Harvester Overall mass (kg) 3000 cut width (mm) 1870 Cutoff height (mm) <50 threshing pattern + Nail roller drum threshing cleaning type screening + airflow cleaning productivity (mu/h) 5-10 breakage rate ≤ 1% impurity content ≤ 1.5% total loss rate ≤ 3% use reliability ≥ 95%

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