Causes and Prevention of Diesel Piston Ring Breakage

When the engine is running, the piston works under conditions of high speed, high temperature, high pressure, and liquid lubrication. The piston ring is one of the main structural arrangements that form the leak-proof part of the piston. The part of the piston ring is the leak-proof part. The thickness between the piston ring and the piston ring has a certain thickness (the diesel engine is generally 3.5-7mm). Most of the faults occurred at the first bank. Because at the beginning of the expansion stroke, under the action of the burst pressure, the first piston ring is tightly attached to the first ring. The first ring bears pressure from both upper and lower directions. Due to the pressure imbalance, the roots of the shore will have bending and shear stress. When the stress value exceeds the design strength and fatigue limit of the piston in its working state, The first bank of the piston will break completely or partially along the shore root. The rupture of the piston's shore will cause the engine to enter the overhaul early, causing economic losses. Piston bank fracture is the most critical reason, that is, the crude diesel engine work, the specific reasons are as follows: First, the use of diesel engines, the adjustment of the existing problems 1, the fuel supply advance adjustment is too large, so that the post-firing period is greatly extended. Because in this case, the fuel accumulates in the cylinder too much, these fuels burn at the same time, the pressure will increase sharply, the diesel engine runs extremely unsteadily. 2. The diesel used does not meet the requirements of the season or the injector pressure is too low, resulting in diesel fuel viscosity, fluidity, atomization quality, atomization shape, spray distance, etc. 3. There are many carbon deposits on the top of the cylinder head and the piston, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cylinder head and generates a high temperature in a small area of ​​the combustion chamber, leading to an increase in the compression ratio. The diesel engine work caused by the above reasons can be relieved or eliminated as long as the diesel engine works according to the specification, correctly adjusts the fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure, and atomization quality, selects diesel oil reasonably, and removes coke regularly or irregularly. The occurrence of brutality. Second, due to the use of starter fluid, the rupture of the piston's shoreline has been induced. In recent years, rapid development of science and technology and various starter fluids have entered the market. Due to the cold winter in the north, the operators often use high-dose starter fluids to cause breakage of the piston's shore. After the starter fluid inhales the cylinder, the nature of the fuel, the degree of atomization, the temperature in the cylinder, the pressure and the gas disturbance intensity all change. After the diesel engine catches fire, it will produce a sharp metal knocking sound. This is the detonation caused by the rough work of the diesel engine. The explosion wave hits the cylinder and the piston at a very high speed and causes strong vibration. This shock caused the piston's shore to break. After the overhaul, the diesel engine is easy to start using starter fluid, which is more prone to such failures. Obviously, starter fluids should be used with caution in order to prevent breakage of the piston ring. Third, other reasons Pistons have trachoma, pores and other defects. Severe bruising during storage and transportation. Buy brand-name products, and ask for product certification at the same time, so that when damage occurs, it is easy to contact the relevant departments.


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