Tea brewing technology

Sweet-scented osmanthus tea is a rare flower tea made from refined green tea and fresh sweet-scented osmanthus. It has a long-lasting aroma and a green and bright brown color. It is deeply loved by consumers. The tanning techniques are now described as follows: (1) Ratio of raw materials: Generally, 15 kilograms of fresh sweet-scented osmanthus is used for every 50 kilograms of refined tea embryo, and the grade of scented tea can be appropriately increased or decreased. (2) Preparation of Tea Embryo: The green tea embryo was made using a fresh tea leaf made of one bud and two leaves of fresh tea as the raw material and using “high temperature brake, rapid rubbing, and safe drying”. It is required that the embryo leaves of tea be young, the tight cords should be tightly knotted, the fragrance should be aromatic, and the water content should be reduced to less than 5%. After cooling to 26 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, the tea can be cooked. It is also advisable to purify hot products to 30 degrees Celsius after absorbing moisture. (3) Sweet-scented osmanthus harvest: In the season of sweet-scented osmanthus blossom, when the flowers become tiger-claw-shaped, golden-yellow, and the pods are picked at the beginning of the season, they can be loosely placed and fast-moved. It is absolutely not possible to beat bamboo sticks to prevent the flowers from breaking and becoming red. . After picking up the flowers, remove the pedicels, leaves, and debris in time and start the system as soon as possible. There are osmanthus osmanthus, silver guild, osmanthus, seasoned osmanthus and moon laurel and other varieties, among which the golden scent has the strongest lasting, high quality. (4) Tea Embryos: First lay a layer of tea embryos on a clean bamboo mat or white cloth, and then evenly add a layer of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers according to the ratio of raw materials. The top layer covers the stack with tea embryos. If the room temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius, cover the tea pile with a white cloth cover to keep the temperature stable, and promote the normal spit of flowers. A small amount of sweet-scented osmanthus can be tanned in a container next to the wooden box in this way. (5) Tonghua heat dissipation: Tonghua is to pry the tea stack apart. When the tea embryos absorb the incense 2 hours to 3 hours, when the temperature of the tea heap rises to 40 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to promptly open the tea stack to disperse it. When the temperature of the tea drops below 20 degrees Celsius, it must be collected and piled for the second time so that the tea embryos can absorb the fragrance evenly. (6) Screening and removing slag: Wait until the osmanthus becomes wilting state, the flowers turn purple, and when the hand touches the tea embryo soft and does not touch the hand, the pods should be finished, the slags should be screened in time, and the flowers can be blended with tea after drying. in. (7) Re-drying and drying: The tea embryo absorbs a lot of moisture when the flowers are sucked, and the water content is as high as 15%. Therefore, it should be re-baked and dried as soon as possible to reduce the moisture content to less than 5% in order to avoid mildew. (8) Packing and storage: The instant osmanthus tea is dried after compounding and drying, and is naturally cooled for 24 hours. It is sealed and packaged with exquisite paper bags and composite film bags according to the weight scale, and is supplied into a ventilated and dry indoor storage. Attention should be paid to rodents, insects, high temperature, moisture and mildew. Storage time should not exceed 1 year.

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