East Asians who drink blush are prone to esophageal can…

Release date: 2009-03-30 Researchers in the United States and Japan published a research report in the new issue of the journal Science Public Library Medicine, which is more likely to suffer from esophageal cancer when drinking blushing East Asians. A joint study by researchers at the Nationa

Fruit tree correct fertilization method

1. Change chemical fertilizers to farmyard fertilizers. According to the survey, the long-term application of decomposed farmyard manure, the average fresh louver weight gain 7.64%, thickening 3.04%, Vc content increased by 20.9%, soluble solids increased by 9.4%, hardness increased by 17%. 2. Cha

Fruit trees are cut in spring

The spring shearing of fruit trees is a supplement and perfection to winter shearing. Generally, it can be clearly identified when the fruit buds are budding. It is best done before the buds are enlarged. In the spring shearing of fruit trees, young trees, weak trees or early flowering varieties sh

Fresh soybean and corn sowing

The sowing can be staggered so as to stagger the period of corn harvesting with fresh soybeans, which will help extend the supply period, expand the market capacity, avoid the phenomenon of excessive supply, large quantity and low cost, increase production, and increase the market capacity. On the

The female rabbit lacks milk.

Fish 50 to 100 grams of fish are used for milking. When there is no fresh fish, dried fish can also be used (but preferably not salted). After boiling in the pot, feed the soup or meat to feed the female rabbit. Use 3 to 5 consecutively. Days, the next day after feeding, the female rabbit was seen

Stingray polyculture mode

The polyculture of stingrays in fish ponds has the following advantages: First, stingrays can feed low-value small trash fish, residual feed, organic debris, and zooplankton in the pool, increasing the net production of fish ponds. Second, the parasites such as oystercatchers in the feeding water o

How to prevent watermelon crazy growth

According to the author's many years of research, about 10% of melon fields and melon seedlings grew up in watermelon production. Crazy melon seedlings show internodes long and thick and tender, large and thin leaves and pale, thin and long leaf thin stems, do not differentiate female flowers,

Kinds of Problems for Kind of Camellia

Q: Camellia is suitable for planting in mountain areas. What are its requirements for soil? Answer: The slightly acidic soil is the best. Acidic soils affect their quality, and alkaline soils are not conducive to their growth. The Dabie Mountains in the province and the mountains in southern Anhui

Supply Limousin/Simmental/Improved beef cattle

Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry Breeding and Transferring Base is a large-scale beef, beef and sheep breeding farm registered by the Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Administration of Industry and Commerce Administration. Founded in 1991, it is a large meat and mutton cattle breeding base in Jining

Alternaria alternata

Apple deciduous spot, also known as brown zebra disease, mainly damages the leaves, especially the young leaves in the 20 days of leaf spreading; it can also damage petioles, annual branches and fruits. Symptoms: The leaves are infected. The disease first appeared in early May, and a round brown