Agricultural film: A multi-purpose tool

The mulch covered with spring cucumbers, beans, etc. can be used for Chinese cabbage and cabbage in autumn. The use of the same film in the spring and fall seasons can increase the temperature and accumulated temperature and reduce investment. First, make a small arch shed, and then make a plastic

Agaricus bisporus seed production technology

Section 1 Preparation of Medium First, the preparation of principles and types (A) The principle of medium preparation 1. Medium: The medium is a substrate that provides nutrients and specific environmental conditions for the growth and development of edible fungi and other organisms, such as m

The Cultivation Techniques of Ginseng Ligustrum

Jinsen Ligustrum is a widely recognized ground cover plant in the horticultural sector and has been produced on a large scale. The cutting propagation method is described below. Jin Sen Ligustrum, also known as Hawati Ligustrum, scientific name Ligustrumjaponicum 'Howardii', Japan Ligustr

Russia will try out new blood glucose testing equipment

Release date: 2007-09-05 Peter Babovic, associate professor of physics and mathematics in Ukraine, designed an instrument that determines the concentration of glucose in the blood in seconds. Because of the lack of research and development funding in Ukraine, Peter Babovic had to sell the techn

Application of Fuaile Medical Glue in Pancreatectomy

Release date: 2007-09-10 Application of Fuaile Medical Glue in Pancreatectomy Department of Oncology, First Clinical College, China Medical University, Wang Shubao, Jin Feng, Yao Fan, Chen Bo [Keywords] Pancreatectomy; medical capsule upper stomach often infiltrate the pancreatic body tail, tre

Prevention and control of major underground diseases of…

One, the main pest 1. It is also known as lala and earth dogs. Adult crickets (when the wings have been fully grown) and nymphs (whales are not fully grown) are harmful to potatoes. It uses mouthparts and large claws (forefoot) to tear the underground stems or roots of potatoes into turbulence, c

High-quality strong gluten wheat management technology

1. Seed preparation. Before the sowing of wheat seed germination test, the germination rate of not less than 85%; sowing before sowing, the seeds spread into 3 cm to 7 cm thick before sowing, drying 1 day to 2 days, when the sun is weak, may be appropriate to extend the sun Kind of time. Sawn seed

Does ultrasound require a biopsy for a benign breast ma…

Release date: 2007-08-23 Does ultrasound require a biopsy for a benign breast mass? Clinically, such patients are often encountered. Mammography examination reveals local or blurred masses. Ultrasound examination is considered benign. Is it safe to ask for a biopsy follow-up? Is there a possibi

Modern rose cutting culture

The rose is Rosaceae, which is a shrub plant. Chrysanthemum, carnation, and Gladiolus are known as the world's four fresh cut flowers, and it is one of the freshest cut flowers in the market. Modern rose colors, rich flower types, rich aromas, and annual blooming are deeply loved by people. 1

Application of Fuaile Medical Glue in Neurosurgery

Release date: 2007-09-03 Application of Fu Aile medical glue in neurosurgery. Department of Neurosurgery, General Hospital of People's Liberation Army, Meng Xianghui, Xu Bainan, Wei Shaobo (Postal Code 100853), Department of Neurosurgery, North China Petroleum General Hospital, Wang Runhui