Fresh-keeping method for raw water products

Freezing and chilling are the most common methods used for preservation of aquatic products. The temperature used during freezing is relatively low (-25-5°C). During the freezing process, the ice particles formed by the internal moisture of the aquatic product expand in volume, destroy the tissu

Pre-flower control grape black spot disease effect is g…

Grape black spot is a fungal disease. It is mainly wintered in the grape disease and the cortex of the branches. After the second year of growth, the local temperature reaches 22°C, and when the humidity reaches 80%, the blackpox disease begins to harm. The main damage to the tender young leaves

Tractor add lubricating oil three bogey

The standard for oil added by oil tractors is to make the surface of oil in the oil pan of the engine lie between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale, and it is better to add high quality lubricants. Tractors to add lubricants should pay attention to the following three bogeys. First, avoid

Mushroom virus disease is harmful

Once the mushroom virus disease occurs, it is very harmful. Not only did the output of the mushroom production decline, but the disinfection of the mushroom house was not complete, and it would affect the harvest of the following year. Mushroom hyphae are not able to form fruit bodies after being i

Crab breeding technology

1, the food should be mixed variety of crab food, partial animal feed, and bulimia, feed on the bait. It is necessary to satisfy the nutrient demand of river crabs, speed up the growth of oyster shells, and also to reduce the cost of breeding and raise the breeding efficiency. Local conditions can

Sheltered cucumber disease prevention and control

Sheltered Cucumber Disease Prevention and Control The variety of cucumber diseases in the greenhouse is large, spreads rapidly, and the damage is serious and difficult to control. However, we have obtained some practical and effective experiences through a three-year comprehensive protection experi

Several technical keys to raising good breeders

At present, the breeding of meat pigeons is on the rise in various parts of the country. The breeding of meat pigeons is mainly the breeding of breeding pigeons and the supply of pigeons to the market. Practice has proved that every pair of breeding pigeons produces 6-10 pairs of pigeons each year,

Black fungus main pests and their control

Black fungus is China's traditional export commodity, and it has already achieved large-scale and bag-based cultivation. However, due to the extensive cultivation methods, lack of science, and supporting measures for pest control, the types of pests and diseases have increased, the spread has a

è—• processed products

(1) lotus root starch. Choose thick, high-starch, fresh lotus root, wash in clean water, remove the pedicle, and use a masher to crush the pulp. Then, the mash is filled in a cloth bag, and then the container such as a vat or a pot is rinsed with water to the cloth bag, and the slag is smashed and

Fox summer feeding management

Summer is a hot and humid season. At this time, blue and white foxes are in the period of pregnancy or lactation. Nutrients are consumed in the body, body condition is generally reduced, body shape is thin, loss of appetite, and easy to cause malnutrition. Therefore, in the summer of the blue fox,