Papaya food processing technology

Papaya is also known as papaya, melon, melon, and wolfberry fruit. Its ripe and nutritious fruit contains various nutrients such as sugar, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, including sugar, vitamin C and carotene. The most abundant content, sugar content can reach 8 to 10% of fresh weight, while

Fruit bag special pest control

Tenebrio tenebrio is one of the main insects into the bag, the damage pear fruit bagging, continuous bagging orchard endanger. Tenebrio hi dark, if the bag is not sealed tightly, the fruit bag has no pest control effect, easy to enter the bag from the mouth of the bag, ventilation and drainage hole

Judging tractor failure without dismantling inspection …

The non-demolition inspection method is a practical technique for judging tractor failure without disassembling the machine. This method can avoid the loss and waste caused by the blind disassembly, which is a good method for high efficiency and low consumption. The seven types of non-demolition in

Pigs should go out of the wrong area

Recently, there have been many problems with double-ridge hip Belgian white and plus gram white pigs with black sow pigs. Some pig farmers think that breeding pigs are impure or even have claims, lawsuits, etc. In fact, they are not breeding pigs. pure. In the past, the choice of color was very imp

U.S. Develops Genetically Modified Dairy Cows that Can …

American scientists report in the latest issue of "Natural Biotechnology" magazine that the GM cows they cultivated are effective against bovine mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection. If this technology enters the application stage, it can be a national dairy industry. Recove

Rapidly increase the reproductive rate of dairy cows

The net income of an acre of wheat or corn and other food crops is only one or two hundred yuan, and raising a high-yielding dairy cow at least earns five or six thousand yuan, which is more than the per capita income of farmers in the general area. Dairy cows can also make full use of crop stalks

Scientific pig raising "six persistence"

First, insist on breeding hybrid pigs. With breeder boars such as Duroc, Pietrain, Decca, Landrace and other boars, piglets produced with local breeder sows are called hybrid pigs. Hybrid pigs have strong viability, rapid growth, and good feeding effect. Therefore, it is necessary to universally po

High-quality beef cattle "36 words"

Second, given the "secondary" specified quantitative, due to beef cattle ruminants, the intake of food has a strong regular digestion cycle, only regular dosing can be more conducive to its growth. In summer and autumn, three times a day, each cow feeds 1.3 to 1.7 kilograms of hay per day

Science: Genetically modified rice "extraordinary …

This week's "Science" magazine published a report that farmers in China have significantly reduced the amount of pesticides used, increased rice yield, and effectively reduced pesticide poisoning when farmers use pesticides. This is the first report in the world to demonstrate the im

Goat summer management must catch three

1, do a good job insecticide bath In mid-May, ewes generally lambs end, the new anthelmintic afuding (worm Buster) can be used to drive off the body of nematodes and in vitro fleas, ticks, lice, fly maggots and other parasites. Dosage: 50 kg body weight using a Fordin 1 sachet (5 g), feeding can be