Blue Peacock Breeding New Technology

Blue Peacock Breeding New Technology 2003-1-23 Peacock, commonly known as the phoenix, is the king of all birds. Its whole body is a treasure. It has a broad prospect of development. Its protein content is about 28%, fat is 1%, and it is rich in more than 10 kinds of amino acids. Vitamins and trac

Agricultural machinery parts commonly used repair metho…

(1) Adjust the transposition method: replace the worn parts with one position, and continue to work by using parts that are not worn or lightly worn. (2) Repair Dimensions: Repair the damaged parts to change their geometrical dimensions, and add correspondingly changed parts to achieve the specifi

Two Misunderstandings on Turtle Farming

First, seedlings stocking without fertilizer manure underwater pond have several advantages: First, when the water is cultivated into tea green or yellow-green, the surface of the pool wall will be affixed with a layer of biofilm, and the seedlings will be swimming after climbing. At the same time,

The management of summer sheds (below)

Third, strengthen plant field management 1. Cover the planting surface with a cover of two or three centimeters thick (fermentation soft). Such as: sawdust, broken byproducts of food crops, etc., to keep the surface moist, reduce the evaporation of surface moisture, reduce the EC value of the shal

Yam high yield cultivation techniques

Yam also known as yam, wild yam, yam. Yam is a herbaceous perennial herb, underground cylindrical, endoplasmic hypertrophic, rich in starch, can be used to make starch, tropical areas often used as food. Yam has a unique flavor, is a precious vegetable, is also a tonic, or a good raw material for

The seeds of grass flowers on Shenzhou 6 have been cult…

China's space flower breeding work continues to make progress. According to the data provided by Shenzhen Agricultural Plant Cloning Seedlings Co., Ltd., the autumn flowers on the Shenzhou-3 spacecraft have been carefully cultivated, and the four flower seeds carried by the Shenzhou-6 manned sp

How to promote rice growth

Influencing factors Rice tillers are closely related to cultivation techniques and environmental conditions. Temperature is an important factor affecting labor. The optimum temperature for delivery is 28 to 31°C. Below 18°C ​​no labor will occur. The part of the rice planting is

Causes and Prevention of Clivia rot

The spring is the season when Clivia grows vigorously, but due to improper management of water and fertilizers, it is easy to cause rot-root phenomenon. The main reasons are as follows. One is that if the water is poured, no matter if it is a small seedling or a large seedling, the water must not

Tea fresh and guaranteed quality storage - mechanical r…

After the fresh leaves of the tea are removed from the tea tree, its contents cause intense oxidation. As vitamin content reduces the oxidation of polyphenolic compounds, the change in aroma components of carbohydrate consumption is also very obvious. For example, there is a fresh leafy scent of cy

Greenhouse Cucumber June Management Technology

Melon is the end of the main cucumber harvest, the melon in the lower part of the plant, that is, the side branch of melon. In June, if the selling price of cucumbers is still good, cucumbers can be used to promote the side vines, increase production and increase profits. Observe whether the base