Summer turtles need preservative skin disease

The skin disease, also known as rotten skin disease, skin ulceration disease, is an important disease harming the growth and development of soft-shelled turtle, the incidence of the season in April-October, May-September for the onset of the disease, the incidence rate of up to 20-30%, often Caused

Autumn nitrogen fertilizer technology

Nitrogen is an essential element for the growth of flowers. Application of nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of leaves and leaves. However, for winter dormant flowers, the application of a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer in autumn will induce the occurrence of autumn shoots. It will no

What to pay attention to during the run-in period of ag…

The running-in period of agricultural vehicles, also called the initial driving period, refers to the initial use period of new vehicles or overhauled agricultural vehicles within a certain mileage. The running-in period of the agricultural vehicle is the process of running-in processing of the fri

Euonymus japonica wilt

Bacterium wilt of Euonymus japonicus is a common disease of Euonymus japonicus in recent years. It is characterized by fierce onset, rapid infection, and great influence on afforestation effect. Although the disease is stubborn, if we can take corrective measures against pathogens, we can still ach

Maltodextrin production process

• Maltodextrin, also known as enzymatic dextrin or water-soluble dextrin, is a novel low-sweetness, low-calorie, high-nutrient food ingredient. Starch-based agricultural products such as starch, corn, and potato are used as raw materials and have low amylase levels. A degree of conversion int

Storage of vegetables - Frozen storage

Frozen storage is a simple storage method that uses low temperature outside to keep some low-temperature-tolerant vegetables in a moderately frozen state during storage. When the frozen vegetables are slowly thawed when they are used, they can still return to a fresh state and have good quality. Fr

Wheat Diseases and Insect Pests Prevention Technology i…

The autumn sowing date is a key period for controlling various pests and diseases of wheat. The main control objects are earthworms, cockroaches and other soil pests and wheat midge; followed by wheat seedling aphids, spider mites, smut, full-bleeding disease and powdery mildew. Grasping prevention

September vegetable cultivation essentials

“In a cold autumn breeze, three white dew blooms,” and September is in a “white dew” and “equinox” style. The weather turns from hot to cold, cool at night, the air is relatively humid, the rainfall is significantly reduced, and the northerly wind begins to preva

Precautions must be taken before winter

After the grapes are harvested in the fall, the phenomenon of tree vigor is widespread. Therefore, after the fruit is harvested and before the advent of winter, it is necessary to strengthen management in order to benefit many years. Take care of the branches. To pluck the heart, all uncapped shoot

Jujube fruit disease occurrence and control

First, the symptoms and hazards Jujube fruit disease, also known as jujube wilting fruit disease, date haze disease, etc., is China's major jujube area one of the major diseases. The jujube fruit with contracting fruit disease first appeared yellow-brown irregularly colored spots on the shoulde