Chicken house "gas environment" solution

In the case of intensive chickens, harmful gases such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide continue to be generated in the house, especially in the winter, when the amount of ventilation is not increased for the purpose of heat preservation. This will eventually lead t

Bad goose processing technology

[Materials] Choose 2 to 3 kilograms of meat geese and process them into clean white bars. After immersing them in clean water for 1 hour, remove and dry them. Seasoning each goose: Chen Xiang 50 grams, Daqu 5 grams, rice wine 60 grams, 0.05 grams of pepper, onions 30 grams, 4 grams of ginger, refi

Plowing operation

First, the cause of running (1) Before the ploughing of the unit, no field cleaning or cleaning was performed. (2) During the ploughing process, the driver found that the plough dragging phenomenon was not eliminated in time. (3) The soil is hard or the grass root layer is too thick, and the pl

How to use a greenhouse to grow pepper seedlings

How to use a greenhouse to cultivate pepper seedlings Use of greenhouse greenhouse seedlings can make peppers market ahead of time and greatly increase economic benefits. In the process of nursery, there are several key steps that should not be ignored. 1, choose a good nursery. Choose a high-pit

Three-color milk cake

Raw material formula milk fan 400 grams cooked cloud legs 150 grams steamed egg yellow 1 egg white 1 lard 500 grams (about 100 grams consumed) water faba bean powder 15 grams pepper salt 10 grams Production Method 1. Cut the milk fan (first wrapped in wet cloth to soften it), the cloud leg and t

In the winter, good pregnant cattle health care

1, balanced nutrition. Abandon the old practice of monoculture of pregnant cows with corn stalks and use feed collocation to maintain the absorption of green feeds and high nutrient feeds. You can adjust the mix of feeds at any time. For example, you can feed corn stalks in the morning, feed some

Temperature regulation of winter pigs

Temperature has a close relationship with the growth and health of pigs. Therefore, in the feeding and management of pigs, attention is paid to the management and regulation of the temperature, and the creation of suitable growth and development temperatures is the necessary guarantee for the rapi

Several types of common threshing machine applause

There are two types of threshers: maneuvering and manpower. No matter which type of thresher, the main problems are as follows: 1. Unsuccessful threshing: mainly due to uneven feeding amount, more grain moisture, large threshing clearance, or low drum speed. 2. Grain crushing: mainly due to too

The traditional model of pond fish farming

With the increasingly fierce market competition, the requirement for non-pollution, non-hazardous aquaculture technology and quality and safety upgrading of aquaculture species has become stronger and stronger, and the traditionally backward pond aquaculture industry has increasingly become an obst

Commonly used small rakes are properly used and install…

Small rakes are used directly to cut green and dried corn stalks, wheat stalks, rice straw, and other livestock forages. They can also be used for straw returning to agricultural construction. With the widespread use of small grass rakes in livestock husbandry (farms) in recent years, the benefit