Fishery aerator energy-saving measures

At present, fishermen and agronomists call "aerators" as "fish killers" and "increased yielders" because it does have oxygenation and rescue "floating heads", stir water to increase dissolved oxygen and feed biological production, and aeration improves water

How to cultivate pepper seedlings in greenhouse cultiva…

How to cultivate pepper seedlings in greenhouse cultivation Utilization of greenhouse seedlings in greenhouses can advance the market time of peppers and greatly increase economic benefits. In the process of nursery, there are several key steps that should not be overlooked: (1) Choose a nursery.

Which pesticides and fertilizers cannot be mixed

1, alkaline fertilizers ammonia, lime nitrogen, ash and other plants can not be with trichlorfon, dimethoate, methamidophos, fast carbazole, thiophanate, jinggangmycin, carbendazim, leaf glycosides, pyrethroid insecticides Agents and other pesticides mixed, otherwise it will reduce efficacy. 2. Alk

Beauty cracks the mystery of male enthusiastic computer…

According to the researchers, gender differences can explain why men are more likely to be enchanted by video games than women. Men’s enthusiasm for computer games comes from deep-rooted conquest, while women do not. The research results were published in Zui's recent Journal of Psychiatr

What is the role of greenhouse warmers?

What is the role of greenhouse warmers? The greenhouse warmer directly relates to the economic benefits of vegetable growers. It protects your greenhouse, improves soil structure, increases the output of your vegetables, and increases economic efficiency. Take the greenhouse warmer for example. G

Identifying "green vegetables" has brilliant …

Many people who go to the supermarket to buy food are always meticulously selected and buy insects that have insect bites. They always think that this is a "green vegetable" without pesticide residues and pollution. However, according to professionals, this vegetable with insect eyes is n

Hawthorn High Yield Cultivation Technique

Hawthorn is a unique medicinal and fruitful tree species in China. There are many varieties of hawthorn, and fresh and processed fruits are good for sale in the market. Hawthorn can be cultivated in mountains, plains, hills, sandy lands, acidic or alkaline soils. In view of the low yield and instab

Processing pork food six methods

Earthen marinated Jinhua ham Select the material selection thin legs, plump legs, serum hair net, fresh pork hind legs, cool, can be marinated. The weight of fresh legs is generally between 5 kg and 8 kg. The shape of the fresh legs should be trimmed and the fat on both sides must be scraped to ma

Four stages of beef fattening

Dividing fattening cattle into several stages for scientific rearing is one of the key technologies for beef fattening quickly. Now this technology is introduced as follows. 1. Observation period (10 to 15 days) 1) When cattle are purchased, they should be weighed, numbered, weighted and grouped

Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed

Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed Many people have changed their minds because of the use of the fermentation bed. Farmers favor the fermentation bed because the fermentation bed saves time and labor, and the operation is simple. The pig likes the fermentation bed, and it also has its fav