How to distinguish the authenticity of deer fetal cream

It is recommended that you take the deer fetal cream that you took each time and cook it with rice wine for the best results. Do not take too much cod liver oil. Do not eat longan, litchi and other hot and warm products. Do not take ginseng, deer fetal cream, walnuts and other warming up. Chan

How to use glutinous rice vinegar

The rice vinegar brewed with this method has a brown color, a clear, rich and sour taste. Every 50 kilograms of rice can be brewed 225 kilograms of rice vinegar, vinegar can be pickled sauerkraut or mixed feed to feed pigs, with good economic benefits. First, the raw material formula: 50 kg of gl

The tractor should be cooled with soft water

Well water, river water, spring water, and seawater are hard waters that have not been softened and cannot be used as tractor cooling water. Otherwise, scale will be generated inside the engine water jacket, affecting the cooling water effect. Snow and rain are natural soft water and can be used

Cotton field red spider how to control?

First, implement the five-character guideline for the prevention and control of mutton fields, namely, "check, insert, pick, wipe, and fight." Check: Check the victim; Insert: Find the victim plant with a mark; Pick: Remove the leaves of the lower part of the cotton plant, and bring out

Covered organic rice can also produce a thousand pounds…

In the summer sun, green is the basic shade of the plains of Chengdu. On the 8th, looking at the growing rice, Yang Zongquan, a group of 13 farmers in Anlong Village, Ande Town, Qixian County, was happy: “You see that the organic rice I planted is basically disease-free and there are no wee

Current Apple Pear Tree Management Points

prune In May, young and busy trees that could not be pruned in summer must be properly opened in the middle of June to take branches, pick up hearts, twist the tip, and cut (the main object is Wangzhi). Bagging Continue bagging, bagging spray sterilization, insecticides and effective calcium, c

Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer in summer co…

The application of nitrogen fertilizer to summer maize, wild summer corn, and vegetative growth, the formation of carbohydrates for the synthesis of proteins, the reduction of fiber and lignin formation, the underdevelopment of the mechanical organization of stems and leaves, stems soft, easy Coll

Jade and yellow honey slices

Raw material formula fresh Lee 100 kg salt 4 ~ 6 kg sugar 40 kg Process selection of raw materials → peeled and washed → knife blade → pickled → rinse → boil → first honey → second honey → sugar pickled → candied → finished Pr

Autumn cauliflower seedlings in summer

July is the season when the south-central region of our province cultivates young seedlings of autumn cauliflower. The high temperature, strong light, drought, and little rain weather conditions this summer have brought great inconvenience to the growth of cauliflower. Here are some technical issu

Five net animals are not sick in summer

In the livestock breeding process, most farmers can meet the needs of various nutrients for livestock, but often neglect health work, especially in the summer when the pathogenic microorganisms grow in large numbers and breed easily, causing various diseases of livestock. Therefore, keeping livest