Planting nectarines to prevent and cure scab

Peach disease is a common disease in peach trees. Since there is no hair on the surface of the nectarine peel, peach scab pathogens are easy to invade the incidence of peel, and the nectarine cultivation area should pay attention to preventing peach scab. Peach scab disease mainly harms peach fru

Brown rot of cabbage and its control

Symptoms: The entire growing period of protected areas or open fields is widespread, and the rate of serious diseased plants is as high as 80% to 100%. The seedling stage often causes a large number of deaths. The disease mainly begins in the rhizomes, and the initial disease becomes brown and cont

The magical effect of the capsule

The magical capsules of capsules are very common around us, but the capsules here are very special. He is a saccharomycete capsule, such as the Jinbaoshen capsule, which is a nemesis for many intractable diseases such as diabetes, for various cancers, diabetes, Both hepatitis and AIDS patients hav

Prevention of Physiological Diseases of Round Onion

First, immature convulsions, also known as pre-convulsions, originally convulsions and blossoms are normal phenomena, but because we cultivated to obtain underground bulbs (ie, onions), if the onion grows late, do not sit on the head or only have very small onions. The convulsions are called immatu

High-yielding Techniques of Spring Rape in Agricultural…

Spring rapeseed is one of the main oil crops of the Agricultural Division IV. In combination with the ecological conditions in our region, based on summarizing years of experience in planting high-yield spring rapeseed, we will formulate this cultivation technology for the purpose of achieving hig

Drowning water can also be used as feed

Surabaya can also be used as a dredge for restaurants, restaurants and restaurants. Not only is it cheap and nutritious, it is a good feed for pigs. However, because there is a lot of spoilage and toxic substances in the muddy water, it cannot be directly used for feeding pigs. It must be fermente

Prevention and treatment of onion purple spot

This year due to the impact of warm winter weather, onion purple spot disease occurs more seriously, in our county's main onion production areas have emerged in the trend of serious damage to the field, the onion leaves have died. In order to help everyone identify the disease, master control

Cultivation of pollution-free garlic yellow in winter

Garlic is a popular “no pollution” vegetable in winter. It is based on the growth of nutrients stored in garlic, golden and tender, can make a variety of delicious food, produce garlic yellow, no fertilizer, as long as it can maintain a certain temperature, timely shading or semi-shadin

Golden treasure professional fertilizer

Jinbao Bacterial fertilizer is a new type of high-tech ecological bio-fertilizer that has been widely used in recent years. Its magical effect is gradually recognized by people. Comparing with other fertilizers, there is a distinct advantage in the microbial fertilizer, which contains a variety of

Small volume high density cages to raise grass carp

Materials and Methods This experiment was conducted using three cages with a volume of 4 cubic meters each in the Minqing Reservoir in Fujian Province. The experimental cages were made according to the guidelines of the American Association of Soybean Association Small Volume High Density cages, in