Short stature related to one-year-old diet

According to child health experts, short stature begins in the first year of life and continues into the second year. Breastfeeding, illiteracy of mothers, mother care, diarrhea, and family income are related factors affecting children's height, while breastfeeding and complementary food suppl

Drinking garlic soup is effective against colds

Add 3 cloves of garlic, 3 slices of ginger, and a handful of tea leaves, add a little brown sugar or 35 jujubes together until boiled. Drinking garlic soup regularly in the winter can effectively counter the cold. The temperature is hot and cold and it is always easy to catch a cold. Therefore, Zh

New knowledge! "Heavy taste" foods can resist…

As environmental pollution increases and life pressures increase, aging begins to come more and more early. Zhao Zhenrui, a professor of nutrition and health sciences at Taipei Medical University, pointed out in Kang Jian magazine that the table is the best anti-aging site. The more pungent the sm

Common 6 Biggest Feeding Mistakes

Some young mothers feel that their milk is low and they are afraid that their baby will not be full. They want to cut off breast milk and switch to milk or other milk substitutes to feed their children. Is it right to do this? First, breastmilk is the most suitable food for infants within four mo

Zhangzhou medicine city Banlangen | Tianma | Festival c…

Anhui Zhangzhou Drug City June 19th News Banlangen Although the planting area has been reduced this year, the inventories are still relatively large, and the demand is also smaller than in previous years. The market price is 7-7.5 yuan northeast. Gastrodia this year, according to the repo

After the fruit is harvested, the microbes are used to …

During the period from autumn fruit harvesting to wintering, the nutrient content of the tree shifts from pre-harvest fruit transfer to tree body accumulation, and the second growth peak occurs in the fruit tree root system. At this time, it is critical to use the golden treasure microbial fertili

Infant feeding tips

1. Infants and young children should not add salt, flavors, preservatives, and excessive amounts of sugar to their foods. Natural flavors and nutritious balance are appropriate. Some of the commercially available baby foods have a strong taste or aroma, which may be due to the addition of seasonin

Five Feeding Points for Newborns

The newborn baby is delicate and tender. He has a lot of stress in his feeding. Do you know the reasons behind these feeding points? The development and function of the neonatal digestive and metabolic organs are still immature and relatively weak, but from the moment of birth, they have the abili

Canada: Chewing gum can prevent ear infections

Ear infection is one of the most frequently occurring illnesses in childhood. This often repeated infection brings great pain to children. At present, a preventive measure that scientists are studying is to allow children to chew chewing gum containing xylitol. Scientists have noticed that xylitol

Men want to be impotence

Male masculine, female feminine. Therefore, men should make up their impotence and make them more masculine; women should nourish their yin and improve their beauty. But in fact, the human body mainly looks at the balance between yin and yang. Only when it is balanced, the body is healthy. In oth