Beijing bans new pharmacies from opening in basements a…

In the future, Beijing New Drugstore will not be allowed to open in non-public facilities in the basement and above the second floor of the building, and must be equipped with more than 3 (including 3) pharmacists. Retail chain pharmacies are no longer restricted by a distance of 350 meter

How to fatten meat rabbits

Fattening method The fattening methods of meat rabbits can be roughly divided into two methods: the young rabbit fattening method and the adult rabbit fattening method. The method of fattening the young rabbits means that the pups start fattening after weaning. At the beginning of fattening, greg

Rape winter and spring field management advice

This year, due to the overcast and rainy weather in October and December in Kai County, the temperature is relatively low, and the waterlogging of rape is more obvious. The growth of rapeseed is not optimistic. Based on the current situation of the seedlings and winter spring trends, the following

Hainan Breeding and Breeding Seedling Moves toward Inte…

In the recent “Winter Fair” gathering activities, the reporter visited a number of concentrated nursery points and found that some of the nursery points have been further integrated, intensive, and elaborate on the basis of the original facility nursery. According to Chen Wenh

Onion nutrition high with the prevention of 3 errors

a. Shallots mixed with tofu, onion oxalic acid and tofu easily form calcium oxalate, hinder the body's calcium intake, not only tofu, shallots and other high calcium foods should not be the same food; b. Onion stew of dog meat, rooster meat is very easy to get angry, especially those who love

Piglet feed plus fat and more benefits

The author conducted surveys and statistics on several pig farms and found that such a law: piglets with fat feeds are well developed and have high disease resistance, especially for piglets with a lower birth weight. 1 Basic reasons why oils improve feed efficiency (1) The inherent high-energy,

Wen Wen attended the Central Rural Work Conference and …

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 27th The Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing today. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier Wen Jiabao attended the meeting and delivered speeches. In his speech, he systematically reviewed

Basic drug specifications dosage form specification wor…

A few days ago, with the support of the Department of Health of the Ministry of Health, a seminar on consolidating and perfecting the national essential medicine system sponsored by the Health Newspaper was held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. Delegates considered that regulating the f

Bioorganic fertilizer characteristics and application m…

Features: Bio-organic compound fertilizer is organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, accompanied by a variety of microbial or high-energy compounds. With the introduction of bio-organic fertilizers, they are very popular with farmers and have obvious effects. First, they can improve soil phys

How to use vinegar to increase jealous resistance

Jelly can increase resistance Chinese medicine pays attention to the harmony between man and nature, but due to the fast pace of urban life, high work pressure, and high entertainment, it is prone to problems such as physical deterioration, unbalanced blood pH levels, and disharmony between the h