The Key Techniques to Cultivate Pleurotus ostreatus in …

The cultivation of oyster mushrooms from August to September is usually called early autumn cultivation. This period has the characteristics of high temperature, rapid mycelial growth, fast fruiting, early listing, high price, and good efficiency. However, the technical requirements for the cultiva

Tobacco is expected to produce antibodies and vaccines …

According to the American media reported on November 16, tobacco has long been considered as a major cause of premature death. However, in the future, tobacco may become a kind of crop that can save lives and be cultivated on a large scale. Swedish scientists recently discovered that tobacco is als

The Harm and Prevention of Tea Plants on Solanaceae Veg…

Ochreus quinquefolium is an omnivorous mite that can harm tea plants and other families such as Solanaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Leguminosae and Asteraceae. In particular, the yield and quality of solanaceous vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes have a great influence. Because the carcass

Fish management in autumn

In autumn, the cold and warm temperatures and appropriate water temperatures are the peak season for the growth of fingerlings. To improve the management of autumn fingerlings is a direct measure to increase economic efficiency. The author believes that the following techniques should be applied to

Longan dry small workshop processing technology

Longan processed products mainly include dried longan, longan, longan ointment, longan sauce, longan canned sugar, and longan sprinkles. As the longan is rich in nutrients, its processed products also become tonics and have both medicinal properties. Such as the longan meat complement the heart and

Cutting and Keeping of Modern Roses

Roses should be cut at low temperatures and high humidity. The harvesting of the Chinese rose is too early and the flowers are not easy to open normally. It usually takes 1 day to 2 days before flowering. The cutting time is related to the variety. Usually there are 4 to 6 petals with loose flower

Geese summer management technical points

The geese have a useful life of 3-5 years. Under normal circumstances, when the geese go through a winter and spring breeding season, they will enter the high-temperature summer rest period. In order to reduce the cost of raising the maternity period, and to ensure the performance of the next breed

Maintenance of diesel after flood

Since the flood water contains a large amount of sediment and corrosive substances, after the diesel engine is immersed in the water for a long time, impurities such as sediment will remain in the machine. Abrasives will form on the friction surface, which will cause blockage and corrosion in the t

Types of microbial fertilizers

Microbial fertilizer is a kind of product that causes the crop to obtain a specific fertilizer effect due to the life activities of microorganisms, and is a type of fertilizer used in agricultural production. From the different functions and composition of microbial fertilizers, they are currently

Occurrence and Control of Kiwi Botrytis cinerea

Kiwifruit gray mold mainly occurs in the flowering, young fruit and storage period of kiwifruit. In the severe years, the incidence of orchards and the incidence of storage period can reach more than 50%. Kiwifruit gray mold has become one of the main diseases that affect the healthy development o