Eggplant cultivation techniques

1. Nursery A. Determination of nursery sites and sowing date: Shanxi Province Sunlight Greenhouse Eggplants usually planted in mid-October. In order to mention the city in the morning, eggplants need to grow large seedlings with a longer seedling age, usually 90-100 days. B. Immersion seed germin

How to improve fertility of female rabbits

Rabbits are small, productive, grass-eating livestock and have the highest fertility in livestock. The fertility of female rabbits is directly related to the level of production and the economic efficiency. How can we improve fertility in breeding female rabbits? We can start from the following maj

Astragalus planting technology

Growth habits: Astragalus is very adaptable, generally can be planted in the soil, drought-tolerant, cold-resistant, deep and fertile soil with high yield. Planting methods: Spring, summer and autumn can be sown. Before sowing, the seeds are immersed in warm water. After soaking for 6 hours, the

Breeding Atlantic Salmon Seed Breeding Techniques

The marine salamander (Salmon salar) is a member of the genus Polygonaceae, which is native to northern Atlantic Ocean and North America. There are two types of salmon salamanders, namely the grazing type and the continental type. The pelagic type Atlantic salmon is one of the world's most impo

Winter storage sweet potato early soft rot

Soft-rot of sweet potato, commonly known as water rot, is an important disease that often occurs during harvesting and storage of sweet potatoes. A slight oversight would cause all the sweet potatoes to rot and cause serious losses. 1. Pathogen: Rhizopus lucidum, belonging to the genus Bacillus sub

Spearmint harvesting and processing

First, the spearmint currently used for production has two varieties, big leaf and small leaf. The ripening period (flowering period) of spearmint is related to the characteristics of varieties and climatic conditions. Therefore, the determination of the harvest time in each place should be flexibl

Ayu culture technology

Plecoglossus altivelis is a subspecies of the order Piperidae, Aristolochiae and Ayu. The fish is slender and flat, with a small head and a snout. The body is green on the side, black on the back, white on both sides and underside. The name of the sweetfish: Haitaiyu, Qiushengzi, which the Japanese

Yunnan Province Successfully Developed Biologic Agents …

A Chinese herbal compound called Nas was successfully developed by the Yunnan Provincial Institute of Ecological Agriculture. After experiments in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar, the drug was shown to be effective against highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1). effect. It is understood th

Winter storage cabbage farmers have new tricks

The method of storing Chinese cabbage in the vegetable cellar is now outdated in the Baodi District of Tianjin. Farmers in the region generally adopt a new method to store Chinese cabbage. According to local farmers, after the Chinese cabbage is harvested, choose a place with sunny reach, flatten

Injector in EFI system

The injector is a key part of the gasoline EFI. It controls the final injection of the fuel. If something goes wrong, the engine will work abnormally or stop working immediately. If the injector is installed in the position of the original carburetor and combined with the throttle valve, this for