Winter wheat freeze-proof

The overall status of wheat from seeding to the current seedling condition is: good sowing basis, sufficient base fertilizer, good variety, concentrated sowing date, high accumulated temperature, sufficient groups, individual robustness, and high yield of pre-winter wheat seedlings. However, the e

How to extend the harvester rubber track life?

To extend the service life of the rubber track of the combine harvester, the following three tasks should be used, adjusted and maintained: First, the use of tracks should be cautious. 1. Do not make sharp turns on concrete floors, gravel roads or hard roads so as not to accelerate crawler wear

Herbal flower runner beans harvest fresh

【Other middle names】 Large flower cowpea, multi-flower bean, poached bean, flower seed bean, dragon claw bean [genus] bean legume bean [country of origin] tropical America [plant character] runner bean perennial herb . Plant height up to 7 meters. The seeds are born in strips of pods.

Pterodactyl larvae seed production method

Broiler Selection and Feeding Most of the broodstock needed for seedlings of Penaeus monodon from Guangdong is imported from abroad, originating from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other places. The broodstock arrived at the shrimp farm after long-distance transportation. After the arrival, th

China's first new strain of transgenic cotton resis…

For the first time in the world, Chinese scientists have obtained a new strain of transgenic cotton resistant to Verticillium wilt. This will hopefully cure the "cancer" of cotton. According to the latest observation and identification of field nurseries in Huimin County, Shandong Provi

Need to strengthen bee colony management in autumn

The autumn bee management mainly prepares for bee colony wintering and early spring breeding in the coming year, so that the bee colony can achieve excellent bee kings, multiple bees, strong group potentials, and feed feet. 1, shake your honey. When a flower is full, shake it once every 2-4 days.

Control of carrot leaf roller moth

The larvae eat carrot sprouts or get into the growing point. After the damage, the young plants can wither and the growing plants grow into axillary buds, which seriously affect the growth of the underground. Generally summer sowing carrots are heavier, five generations a year, and adulthood occurs

China has mastered corneal preservation technology

Release date: 2006-09-07 China has mastered corneal preservation technology On September 1st, Xie Lixin, director of the Shandong Institute of Ophthalmology and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who was awarded the 2006 China Ophthalmology Outstanding Achievement Award, reported at the award

Perennial fig stump potting technique

Figs bear fruit 2-3 times a year and are planted using perennial fig tree stumps. They have the characteristics of rapid molding, large tree size, and many results, and are more ornamental. The perennial fig planting technique is described below. (1) The sources and collection of stumps use small

Determine the fault location of the load car

Agricultural Machinery The engine that cannot be carried due to faults such as axle pull (or burning), camshaft firing, and cylinder pull is often referred to as a load vehicle. For a load vehicle, if it is dismantled and checked blindly, it takes time and effort. So, how to determine the fault loc