Six kinds of food with "eat disfigured"

Cucumber is a "civilian" vegetable on the table. Its flesh is crispy, sweet, juicy and fragrant. It contains glial, fruit acid and biologically active enzymes that promote metabolism and treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies. However, eating cucumbers also has taboos. Let's take

7 kinds of foods that cannot match the same food

Some foods react chemically when eaten, but they affect nutrient absorption and are prone to malnutrition, while others may cause food poisoning. Today, Xiao Bian has listed seven kinds of foods for everyone, so that everyone can avoid the negative consequences of food in the daily diet. Alcohol

Must Know: Summer Health Tips

Live daily In the summer, it's better to get up late to get up early and wake up as early as possible. Remember not to sit, lie, or sleep for long periods under the corridors, under the eaves, or in the shade of vents. It is even more unsuitable to use electric fans for a long time because th

Food debut at different tables

People use food as their food. Every day, a variety of dishes will appear on the table. There are fruits and vegetables, meat, red and green, but do you think that there is also a conflict between food and food? Xiao Bian came to tell you today what foods can not appear at the same table. Rice: R

Spring sown corn varieties

Zhengdan 958: Selected by Henan Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The average sowing period for spring sowing in Beijing is 119.9 days, the plant height is 269 cm, and the ear height is 119 cm. The ear length was 17.4 cm, the ear thickness was 5.3 cm, the number of rows per ear was 14-16

Detox foods make your skin proud

In the cold winter, many female friends take cold weather and need food tonic, and enjoy the food. They use cold weather as an excuse to satisfy their laziness. Everyone knows that many toxins have accumulated in the body and make your face dark and dull. , full of conditions. When spring arrives,

Beauty and kidney: 8 congee health system

Because of special physiological phenomena such as menstruation and fertility, women are destined to face blood loss. Medical scientists say that women's various diseases have a direct relationship with kidney deficiency and kidney cold. Therefore, it is particularly important for women to use

Shedroom cucumbers guard against high temperature hazar…

With the gradual increase of temperature, if the cucumbers in the greenhouse are not released in time or the ventilation is not smooth, the temperature in the greenhouse will be higher than the temperature required for the growth and development of cucumbers. When the temperature in the greenhouse

Spring dry mouth to try diet therapy Yin deficiency

In spring, the climate is dry, and many people often feel thirsty. Sometimes, after drinking water, dry mouth can be relieved; but sometimes, even if you drink water, you can not relieve the symptoms of dry mouth, which is why? In fact, it is well understood from the theory of traditional Chinese