Scientific storage and freshness preservation of cherries

1. Scientific harvesting methods for cherries: After the cherries are mature, they are generally hand-picked. Due to different maturation times, they need to be picked in batches. When mining should be light, light. Fresh fruit is harvested with fruit stalks and harvested when fully matured. The cherries used for processing can be harvested as early as possible. The cherry fruit is soft, thin, and easily scratched. Therefore, the cherries collected should be placed in a shallow basket covered with soft grass or shredded paper. Both fresh and processed cherries should be sent immediately after harvest. Market sales, storage or processing. 2. Scientific storage conditions of cherries: The suitable temperature for storage is 0 to 1°C, relative humidity is 90 to 85%, and the gas index is: oxygen 3 to 5%, carbon dioxide 20 to 25%. 3. Selection of storage cherries: The cherries used for storage should be selected from the storable varieties, and the fruits should be large in size, bright in color, and soluble in solids. Hard and hard-to-storage varieties have the following characteristics: Binku and Jixin, all of which are late-maturing varieties; early purple, topaz, big purple, and hairy acids are resistant to storage and transportation. 4. Scientific storage methods for cherries: Plastic bags for small packages: Self-regulating atmosphere-based storage methods: Select cherries without scratches, packed in 0.06 to 0.08 mm thick polyethylene film bags, each containing 2 to 5 kg. The bag is tightly closed and placed in a small carton and stored at a temperature of 0 to 1°C. If it can be washed with 100~500mg/kg Benzalide solution before bagging, drain the bag and store it, the storage effect is better. Generally it can be stored for one and a half months. During the storage period, it is advisable to check the carbon dioxide concentration in the bag. If the carbon dioxide content is 10 to 25%, it will be favorable for storage, and if it exceeds 30%, the odor will be generated.

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