How to store fresh peaches

At present, methods for storing peaches include ice storage, improved ventilation storage, cold storage, and modified atmosphere storage. Peach storage temperature is 0 ~ 3 °C general large-scale cold storage temperature is not uniform, poor temperature control accuracy, poor preservation effect, difficult to operate management. TZFGZ series on-hook automatic cold storage is a new type of storage and cold storage developed and researched by Shandong Fruit Research Institute. The precision of temperature control is 0.1°C, the cooling rate is fast, the temperature of the warehouse is uniform, and the temperature can be adjusted freely according to the needs. The stored peach fruit can be effectively reduced and Avoid cold damage. The stored peach fruit should be stored in the warehouse immediately after picking, and the time from post-harvest to cold storage should be shortened as much as possible. Peach fruit moisture content of 80% to 90%, it is easy to lose water shrinkage, when the weight loss of 4% to 5%, peel skin can be seen with the naked eye. 0.03-0.05mm non-toxic polyvinyl chloride fresh-keeping bags are available for storage, and are not wrinkled and maintain a certain degree of freshness. After the storage, it should be checked regularly. For short-term storage of peach fruit, it should be observed every day. The medium and long-term storage of fruits should be checked once every 3 to 5 days. Peach fruits are easy to produce brown rot and soft rot during storage. Green and green mildew. In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases, sec-butylamine series anti-corrosion preservatives can be used to kill Penicillium and green mold, such as clotrimazole 15 times liquid washing. The fruit was soaked with a mixture of 100-200 mg/kg phenyletide and 450-900 ml/kg dichloronitroaniline (DGNA).

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        Usually, the material for concentrate should be clear juice, yet Goji Juice is thick and turbid. According to the tests made by American and Japanese clients, 70% nutrients of Goji juice, especially mass active ingredients, are contained in pulp and pigment. So, be it juice or concentrate, turbid juice should be used. 

        Organic goji berry juice concentrate


1) Color: Red or deep red. 
2)Taste & Odor: Fresh Goji Berry Juice concentrate taste and smell, no peculiar smell. 
3) Histomorphology: Turbid liquid with pulp, allowing the pulp precipitation phenomenon after completely standing.
4) Impurity: No visible foreign impurities 

Physics & Chemical Specification

1) Brix(%): ≥24.0 
2) Total Acid(g/100mLas Citric Acid): ≥0.8 
3) pH: 3.5-4.1 

Microorganism  Specification
1) TPC (CFU/mL): ≤100 
2) Yeast (CFU/mL): ≤100 
3) Mould (CFU/mL): ≤10  
4) Coliform (CFU/mL): ≤10 



Country of Origin



1) Inner package is 200kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.
2) Inner package is 25kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.


Should be stored at room temperature in clean, cool, dry warehouse, prevent sun, rain, and not be stored with corrosive, toxic, and smelly item. With these conditions, product shelf life is 18 months. (suggestion: 5-8℃).  

Organic Goji Juice Concentrate (Brix 25%)

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