Persimmon refrigerated under natural conditions

Under natural conditions, persimmons are refrigerated in the northern regions of China, and the persimmons harvested are placed in a cool place. Let it freeze, and after freezing, move it to the fruit rack at the shade, and keep the persimmon fruit frozen until it is sold in the spring season. The method of refrigerating is to dig four channels with a width of 33 cm and a width of 4 cm on the ground with a width of 4 m and an appropriate degree of gradation, and lay a 7 to 10 cm thick layer of stalks of straw on the bottom surface of the channel. After the frost is frozen, the persimmon is placed thereon. 5 ~6 layers, let it freeze naturally in the open air, then add a 30-60 cm thick covering on top of the persimmon fruit to maintain a stable low temperature. The following year the temperature turns warmer. Then use the earth to plug the channel to prevent the thawing of persimmon fruit to extend the storage period. The refrigerated persimmon fruit can complete the ripening and astringent action of the persimmon with the extension of the storage period. Frozen persimmons are enhanced due to lack of oxygen and respiration. The accumulation of acetone acetaldehyde in fruits and tannins form insoluble tannins, which makes the astringent taste of persimmons disappear, and polysaccharides are hydrolyzed into monosaccharides and become sweet.

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