Bracken three processing methods

Marinated processing 1, the first pickled: the cleaned and finished bracken is salted at a ratio of 10:3. Spread a layer of salt approximately 2 cm thick at the bottom of the marinated utensils, then add a layer of bracken, about 5 cm thick, and then fill the marinade with a layer of salt and a layer of vegetables. Spread the top layer 2 cm. Thick salt, pressed on stone, marinated for 8-10 days. 2, the second pickling: the fern removed from the pickle, placed in order from top to bottom in another picker, fern and salt ratio of 20:1, a layer of salt The vegetable plots were placed in a marinated device filled with 35% of the mass of salt water. The surface of the bracken was pressed with a heavy object and was marinated for 14-16 days. Saline processing will clean up the graded bracken and salt it. Preparation of saline solution: 42 parts by mass of citric acid, 50% of sodium metaphosphate and 8% of alum were crushed, mixed thoroughly, and then used 10 times water to prepare a solution for use. Add saturated water to the saturated salt water so that the saline solution has a pH of 3.5-4.5 and is ready for use. In the barrel, first add 5% of salt by weight, then add bracken, sprinkle salt in the performance of bracken, fill the bucket with saline solution, exhaust the air in the barrel, and seal the salt barrel to obtain the finished product. . Dry processing will put cleaned bracken into boiling water for 7-8 minutes. Decoction is generally added 0.2% -0.5% by mass of citric acid and 0.2% by mass of sodium metabisulfite. The ratio of every 100 kg of bracken and blanching liquid is 1:15. Immediately after the end of blanching, the bracken is cooled to room temperature with flowing water and then dried or dried.

Cat Tree

Provide a comfortable place for your cat to rest, play and exercise with this cat tree pet furniture condo. cat tree give this piece a sculptural look and allow your cat to choose how high up to nap. Place this piece in a corner or other unused space to take advantage of its small footprint.

there are many differences kinds for your choose!


1.Pressed-wood cat condo has a faux-fur covering

2.several lounging levels

3.Cozy cubby hole

4.Step-by-step assembly instructions and tools ensure easy setup

5.Built-in game boxes with holes for paws to bat at the two balls inside

6.Sisal wrapped scratching posts

7.Covered in soft faux fur

8.Pressed wood frames

9.Easy to assemble

10.Care: spot clean with soap and water

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Cat Tree

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