Small urea ammonia technology for farmers

The urea ammoniating method of straw can be carried out in cellars, containers, plastic bags or in the form of stacking. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is suitable for self-use by small rural households. The aqueous solution was prepared to estimate the total weight of ammoniated straw. According to the proportion of 100 kg of straw required to add 3-5 kg ​​of urea, the urea was fully dissolved in 40-50 kg of water to make an aqueous solution. Fill or stack the wheat straw, straw, corn stalk, etc., and then cut it into small pieces of 5-10 cm long. When filling or stacking, the prepared urea aqueous solution is sprayed layer by layer and evenly on the straw, and is fully stirred. Straw and urea aqueous solution are in full contact. Spray while stirring while pressing. Ammonia in the cellar, generally expected to install the cellar mouth 30-50 cm, if it is stacked, the height should be controlled at 1.5-2.0 meters, and then covered with a plastic film, surrounded with a wet mud compaction seal. To prevent rat damage, earth can be used to cover plastic film. The urea solution is best used the same day, and each ammoniated cellar or stack must be sealed on the same day. Ammoniad by container or plastic bag, the basic method is the same as above, and the amount of ammoniated can be flexibly controlled. The quality of sealing performance seal is one of the key links in the quality of straw ammoniating. During the ammification of straw, it is necessary to frequently check whether the plastic film is broken or not, especially to prevent the rat from biting the plastic film and to find that the damage is timely repaired. The ammoniating time of the ammoxidation time is closely related to the ambient temperature. When the temperature is high, the time required for ammoniating is short, and vice versa, it takes a long time. Generally 2-3 weeks in summer, 3-6 weeks in spring and autumn, and 4-8 weeks in winter, or even longer. Qualitative assessment According to the sensory inspection, straw with good ammoniating quality, which can be used for feed, has no mildew, yellowish-brown color, odor-smell, loose and soft texture, easily broken straw, and a pungent ammonia smell. On the contrary, if the straw is gray or brown, it has a pungent odor and the straw sticks into pieces, indicating that the quality of ammoniating is poor and cannot be used as feed. After storage and use of ammoniated straw for a specified time, you can open access. Generally, after being taken out, the ammonia should be put on a ventilated and dry concrete floor for 1-3 days before feeding, and must not be fed without releasing the residual ammonia to prevent cows, sheep and other livestock poisoning. After each withdrawal, it is still necessary to seal the pits, crucibles or containers, and avoid ingress of water. When the amount of ammoniated straw is small, it can also be taken out at one time. After being spread out and dried, it can be piled up in the corner of an empty house or a barn, and can be used as needed to prevent sun and rain.

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Corporate Restructuring
The world's major automobile companies have to reform the supply system, the implementation of global production, global procurement, that is, from a number of auto parts manufacturers to a few system suppliers to purchase; from a single auto parts procurement module procurement; by the implementation of domestic procurement Transform into global sourcing. Vehicle manufacturers procurement system changes, requiring auto parts manufacturers continue to be compatible with it, not only requires auto parts manufacturers to expand their own strength, improve product development capabilities, to system development, system supply, but also requires its development to shorten Cycle, provide high quality and cheap products. This change has promoted the process of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of the auto parts industry in the world.
Chain development
Market concentration is relatively higher than in previous years. OEMs are becoming more and more modularized and systematized. As a result, collaboration among suppliers becomes more and more close, which makes the global auto parts supplier system gradually evolve from the pagoda structure to A manufacturer responsible for the entire supply chain management, making the supply chain more standardized cooperation. Enterprises like this are top-notch in their respective markets, occupying 80% of the market and dominate the high-end market. A company executives said: "With the rapid growth of vehicle production and sales, parts companies have encountered a golden opportunity to catch this fast lane will be behind, it will be eliminated."
skill improved
Major auto parts manufacturers have applied aerospace, aviation and electronics technologies to auto parts and assemblies. Safety technology, electronic technology, energy-saving technology and environmental protection technology have been widely used in automobiles. Especially the new technology represented by electronic information technology is not only widely used in automotive products, but also extends to all aspects of development and design, trial production, production and management; it is not only applied to a single automobile component but also applied to System assembly.
Components companies set up R & D center, can be "fast" to meet the urgent needs of the market, rapid development of products; can "quasi", close to the market, to achieve "localization"; can "new" and more new technologies applied to the production Among them, that is, to ensure quality and reduce costs. In fact, some new technologies are parts companies running in leading OEMs.
In order to reduce costs and occupy the market, many auto parts multinational corporations have to international development. European auto parts manufacturers have to invest overseas for international production; North American auto parts manufacturers have invested in Europe, but also want to expand the market in Eastern Europe; Japanese auto companies also continue to establish their own branches in the world. The emerging Asian market is the focus of competition among multinational corporations in major automobile parts and components. China is even more the place to contend for it.

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