Mushrooms, lotus root, and garlic preservation method

1, morphological characteristics 1.1 fruiting body single or group, mushroom cover 4-6cm wide, round, after the flattened, slightly concave, funnel-shaped later, after the mature gray-brown, cover edge roll, white meat bacteria , with almond flavor. 1.2 The pleats grow downward, milky white, stipe white, length 5-15cm, lateral, but also middle, thick, apex fine, solid, fine meat, fibrous, sterile ring. 2. Physiological characteristics 2.1 Temperature Temperature is an important factor that determines the growth and development of Pleurotus eryngii, and it is also the key to stable production. The growth temperature of mycelia is 22-25°C, and the bud formation temperature is 10-18°C; the optimum temperature is 12-15°C. The development needs 8-20 °C, and the optimum is 12-16 °C. Below 8 °C, the fruiting body is difficult to differentiate, and it is higher than 29 °C. The fruiting body is easy to die. 2.2 Humidity During the cultivation process, it is not appropriate to spray water on the mushroom body, and the water is mainly supplied by the culture material, so the moisture content of the culture material is 65%-70%, which is more suitable for the occurrence and growth of the fruit body: the relative humidity requirement of the fruit body formation stage is 90% - 95%, growth stage requires 85% -90% is appropriate. 2.3 Light does not need light during the growth phase of mycelia. Under dark conditions, the mycelium grows faster. The formation and development of fruiting bodies requires scattered light. The light is too strong, the mycelium turns black, the light is too dark, the cap becomes white, and the bacteria Handle longer. 2.4 In the air phase of mycelial growth, the air is not strict, and carbon dioxide stimulates the growth of mycelia. The primordium formation and the growth of fruit bodies require sufficient oxygen. 2.5 pH growth stage pH 4-8, optimum pH 6.5-7.5, pH value below 4 or 8 and fruiting difficulties. 3. Cultivation Techniques 3.1 Cultivation materials Formulated wood chips 30%, cotton shells 45%, bran 22%, calcium carbonate 1%, gypsum powder 1%, lime l%. 3.2 Seasonal arrangement In mountainous areas where the altitude is more than 800m, it should be arranged for bagging in mid-August and harvesting from mid-October to April of the following year. 3.3 Strains Selection There are many strains of Pleurotus eryngii, which are mainly of the following three types. 1 Coarse and long type: The fruit body is thick and long, individual is large, the mushroom is concentrated, the yield is high, but the mushroom body is loose; 2 slender type: The fruit body is slender, the flesh is strong, the quality is good, the yield is low; 3 bowling type : The fruiting body resembles vases and bowling, with high yield and long fruiting time. Should be based on market requirements, select strains to meet the needs of merchants. 3.4 17cm33cm Polypropylene Corner Bags for Growing Bags. Each bag contains 0.8-0.85kg of wet material and 13-15cm of material. The material should be compacted, sealed with sponge collars, sterilized at normal pressure, and maintained at 100°C. After the sterilized in an hour, the temperature was cooled until the temperature dropped below 28C, and the inoculation started. After inoculation, choose a ventilated, cool environment and discharge 80-120 bags per square meter. Germ temperature control 20-25 °C. 3.5 Mushroom management The mushrooming place should choose spacious and well ventilated condition. After the hyphae walks full bag, when the temperature drops below 16C, open the bacteria bag and fold the bag mouth to the height of 5-6cm above the material surface. Cover the plastic film to increase the humidity of mushroom house to 90%-95%, and increase the scattering light stimulation at the same time, about 10 days, a large number of fruit bodies occur. At this time, the plastic film should be peeled off, and the buds should be detached, and 4-5 pieces of mushrooms should be kept in each bag. You can, and keep the mushroom house dark, so that the fruiting body is white and long. 3.6 Timely Harvest When the mushroom cover is developed and the spores have not yet been ejected, the harvesting can be carried out, and generally 2-3 shiitake mushrooms are harvested. 4. Precautions for cultivation 4.1 Pleurotus eryngii should be bagged, bagged and sterilized in a timely manner during the high-temperature season in August to prevent acidification of the culture material. 4.2 Due to the unstable temperature in the autumn, high temperature hazards of more than 18 C are sometimes encountered. During the fruiting period, it is necessary to do a good job of cooling down and prevent the death of the mushroom bud. 4.3 Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in high mountains, it is necessary to coordinate the contradiction between light, humidity, temperature, and gas, and increase the proportion of standard mushrooms.

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