Agricultural Machinery Miele 1700 Potato Combine Harvester

1700 Potato Combine Harvester is the Scientific Achievement of the National Science and Technology Key Project of the Tenth Five-Year Plan

Features Complete excavation, transport separation, rake removal, side output operations in one go

High net collection rate (≥98%), low breakage rate (≤2%), fast cost recovery

Two-stage conveying separation device, forced vibration, two-stage removal of helium and other mechanisms, high separation rate

Combined mining mechanism to ensure consistent depth of excavation

The design of a floating disc knife cuts weeds more effectively and reduces the resistance to excavation

Adopt international advanced technology, cast rubber belt drive wheel, reduce chain wear, improve machine life

Technical Parameters

Overall size (m) (length, width, height)

Overall quality (kg) 5000

Supporting traction

Supporting power (hp) ≥100

Power output shaft rotation (r/min) 540

Output form side, bar shop

Working efficiency (mu/h) 8-10

Working depth (cm) 25-30

Harvest width (cm) 160

Line spacing (cm) 80-90 (adjustable)

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