Deere 1042 combine harvester

The 1042 Combine Harvester is a product that has been meticulously researched and developed to meet the needs of customers in the Central Plains and Northeastern family farms. The machine adopts the proprietary technology of Deere 1000 series and 1100 series harvesters, and draws on the cutting-edge technology of today's harvesting machinery. It is a medium-sized combine harvester between 1075 large and 3080 small, with large horsepower. High efficiency, low price, small harvest loss and other advantages. Can harvest wheat, soybean, rapeseed and other crops, such as the configuration of the corresponding annex to the harvest of rice and corn, particularly suitable for harvesting in high-yield areas. The aircraft's performance-to-price ratio is better, and it is an excellent model that is in line with China's national conditions. High harvesting efficiency and low price are the most important features of the 1042 combine harvester.

The 1042 combines a non-supercharged 108-hp Luoyang engine (LR6105T59 model). The engine is stable and has a long service life. It can meet the power requirements of the whole harvester under any operating conditions while retaining approximately The 15% reserve power avoids the cylinder block temperature increase, torque load increase, and service life decrease due to full-negative operation. In order to improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the operator, the 1042 is equipped with an automatic dust removal device for the engine water tank cover to ensure that the machine can operate under harsh working conditions for a long period of time without manual cleaning.

High ground clearance and strong performance are another major feature of the 1042 combine harvester. The body has a distance of 400 mm from the ground. For the more complex field conditions in the operating environment, the 1042 will exhibit excellent passing performance. Can be equipped with high flower tires to increase passability.

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