Driving fuel economy "eight not"

The good fuel-saving effect depends not only on the technical condition of the vehicle, but also on scientific and skillful driving. Specific to do the following: 1, in the case of no dragging, try to use high-speed driving, do not use low-speed throttle method. 2. Do not abuse the brakes. The braking should be reduced as much as possible while driving, and the engine and the low-end position must be used to achieve the same effect as the brakes. 3, do not run at a high speed for a long time. Because the vehicle is still running at a certain speed, it needs to consume a certain amount of fuel, or it can be turned off and restarted to save fuel. 4, do not suddenly stop and suddenly accelerated. Before stopping, plan ahead. Do not want to stop braking. You should use the vehicle's freewheeling to stop. Sudden acceleration not only exacerbates machine wear, but more importantly it consumes about 1/3 more fuel than uniform acceleration. Therefore, when acceleration is required, the accelerator should be stepped on smoothly to achieve the required speed. 5, choose the right road when driving, do not rush into chaos. According to tests, driving on bumpy roads is about 1/4 more fuel efficient than on good roads, and there are good roads that should be taken as far as they can (it's better not to lose out). 6. Plan a long road and do not blindly travel. First of all, we must be familiar with the route and prevent the East from looking for waste. Second, to go to bed early and get up early, pay attention to avoid people on the road more crowded high-speed time. 7, choose the economic speed, do not blindly seek fast. The faster the vehicle is, the more fuel-efficient it is. Of course, too slow a vehicle will increase fuel consumption. 8, do not carry unnecessary items, weight is the biggest enemy of fuel consumption. When you drive in the winter, you need to eliminate the weight on the car in time, and heavy, damp snow blocks will also increase fuel consumption.

 Hotan Red date

Benefiting from Danghe River alluvial fan areas, deep layer, fertile soil and strong permeability, Jun Jujube orchards, located at 40° N, is considered as the world's best growing areas for jujube. The farm located in the northwest of China belongs to the typical inland temperate desert climate. Its annual precipitation is 36.9mm and the evaporation is 2486mm. The effective accumulated temperature is 3611 ℃ and the year's total duration of bright sunshine is 3246.7 hours. The large temperature difference between day and night is very conducive to dry material accumulation. Irrigation water from the Qilian Mountains is pure and clean.


Characteristics of Hotan Red date

1.Rich in minerals& vitamin 
2.Thin skin, small kernel & thick- flesh 
Natural air dried, uniform size with thick natural jujube flavor.

4,Higher sugar with good smell and flavor.

5.Cleaning with purified water without any additives, UV sterilizatio. Safty red dates.

Hotan Red date usage:

Tea, Medicines, Healthcare products, Pharmaceutical raw material, extract raw material, cosmetic products


Hotan Red dated summary

1. Processing:   Natural air dried 

2. Origin: In Akesu Town, Xinjiang Province, China

3. Material: the best Chinese dates

4. Packing: 500g,  customer`s request is available.

5. Features: Ready to eat, rich in vitamins and fibres

6. Storage condition: normal room temperature and prevent moisture.

Red Dates

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