Rabbit hair storage tips

Rabbit hair storage should be "three avoidance": 1 Avoid storing in plastic bags. Rabbit hair is prone to heat and dampness, and it can become yellowish when it lasts for a long time. 2 Avoid high temperatures and prolonged exposure. Due to the high temperature, rabbit fibril fibers tend to crack and deteriorate. 3 Avoid prolonged stress. Because of heavy pressure for a long time, it will agglomerate and reduce the quality of the hair. Its scientific storage method is as follows. 1. Store boxes of dry wooden boxes or cartons. Put a layer of white glossy paper on the bottom of the boxes. Place a sandbag filled with mothballs in the corners and in the center. Then wear rabbit hair. When the thickness is 20 cm, gently press it. , And in the box choose 4 points each put a camphor balls sandbags. After each 20 cm thick, it is lightly pressed and put into several mothballs. After the box is full, put a few mothballs on the top of the bag to cover it and store it in a ventilated and dry place 60 cm above the ground. Every 15 days, choose to open the trunk cover for 2 to 3 hours. If it is found that the rabbit hair is moist and mildewy, the rabbit hair should be removed from the sun for 1 to 2 hours and then left to dry for 4 to 5 hours. After the rabbit's hair is dried, it is packaged and stored. 2, cylinder storage selection of clean, dry cylinder (can not be used over salted goods), the bottom of the cylinder first layer of lime, and then put a block of 3cm thick, close to the bottom of the round circular board (desiccant), and then Shop a piece of white paper, put sandbags around the center of the paper on the mothballs, and then put the rabbit's hair on the tank and put it on a cylinder. After filling it with a clean gauze, put a few more mothballs on the cloth. Stamped and saved. Same as box storage, it should be checked once a day. 3. Store the cabinet first with dry cotton batting in the cupboard. Spread white paper or sheets on the top, place a mothball bag around the center and the center, and then put the graded rabbit hair layers into the cupboard. Layers of rabbit hair, put evenly on several moth balls Shabu bags, rabbit hair after full, closed in storage. The storage method is the same as above. It should be checked once every 15 days and abnormalities should be handled promptly. 4. Store the rabbit hair in a bag and place it into several mothballs and hang it in a dry and ventilated place.

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