Foton Transformers Wheat Harvester

1. Reserve corn machine installation interface, which can easily connect corn cutting heads, realize one-machine use, increase user income;

2, can be equipped with 90 horsepower and Revo Power 100 horsepower engine, strong power;

3, double torsion spring spring teeth reeling, cutting table fixed teeth;

4, widen the track, increase friction plate, high reliability, easy maintenance;

5, bold intermediate shaft, strengthen the rear axle, transmission quadruple belt, higher reliability;

6, car shift structure, easy to operate and reliable;

7, the new LCD meter can display meter mileage.

Parameter Item Value Supported power (kW) 61/66 Width (m) 2.2/2.36/2.6 Feeding amount (kg/s) 2 Total mass (kg) 4450 Drive track (m) 1.64/1.7 Dimensions ( Height, width, height, mm)/27003280

NBR Coated Gloves

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