Wall 4U-2 Potato Harvester

4U-2 Potato Excavator Features

1. The machine can adapt to the viscous heavy soil, medium clay and sandy loam soil with water content less than 25%. It can be used everywhere and has strong adaptability.

2. The unique excavating shovel can avoid soil accumulation and weeding, and the excavation depth is stable and does not leak digging.

3. Lifting parts are arranged at intervals between the curved bars and the straight bars, and equipped with a lifting chain stirring mechanism, which greatly improves the jitter and separation performance, and the high rate of clear potatoes.

4. The use of a belt-rising transport chain that does not hurt the potatoes, resulting in a low rate of damaged potatoes, can be used to excavate seed potatoes.

5. The use of this machine can save manpower, increase the harvest of potato by more than 10%. After the operation, the soil is finely crushed, which can reduce the cost of turning over the site, thus having significant economic and social benefits.

The main technical performance indicators

Supporting power ≥ 37.5 kW (50 hp) Mounting method Post-hanging type Separated parts Rod type Adaptation to ridge distance 60 to 70 cm
80 to 90 cm excavation lines 2 lines Excavation depth 15 to 25 cm Pecton rate > 98% Excavation rate < 2% Damage rate <2% Productivity 0.2 to 0.5 ha/hour

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