Bilang 4LBZ-150 half-feed combine harvester

Product model number: 4LBZ-150
Product introduction:
The Bilang Half-feeding Combine Harvester is a highly efficient model with international advanced level that was developed by our company by absorbing and introducing advanced technologies of foreign similar products.

product detailed information:
Overall size (length x width x height (mm)): 4300X1850x2130
Net weight (kg): 2320
Engine Model: 495BT
Form: Vertical water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine output power/speed (kw/rpm): 40/2700 (54 hp)
Walking track (specification grounding length (mm): (4009045) 1380
Grounding average pressure (kgf/cm2): 0.21
Transmission mode: mechanical three-speed transmission and hydraulic continuously variable working part cutting width (mm): 1450
Auxiliary Speed ​​Control: 3 Speed ​​Adjustable Threshing Method: Lower Threshing Flow Comb Brush Type Screening Method: Blowing, Suction Vibrating Screening Type Knife Width (mm) 1436
Threshing depth adjustment method manual shift gears auxiliary gear 3 gear, abutment speed 3 gear threshing parts threshing method single cylinder axial flow barrel diameter x width (mm) 424X900
Throttling drum speed (1Vm) 480
Screening method Breathing, vibration screening method Harvesting efficiency (mu/h): 3~7
Total loss rate (%): ≤3
Containment rate: ≤1
Adapt to the height range (mm) 650~1300
Lodging adaptability (degrees) Shun cut: 85 or less, undercut: 70 or less

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