Revo G428 wheat harvester

1, using 66KW engine (90 hp) more dynamic;

2. Bridge widening to 840mm, improving work efficiency and reducing failure rate

3. The cleaning room is widened to 840mm and the area for cleaning is 2.3 square meters.

4. The volume of the grain tank is increased to 2.2 cubic meters, which improves the working efficiency;

5, dual roller dual concave gap adjustable at the same time (patent number: ZL200720025688.4), good adaptability

6. The diameter of rod gear cylinder can be adjusted respectively (patent number: ZL200520085850.2), and the harvesting adaptability is strong

Parameter Item Parameter Value Supporting Power (KW) 66 Cutting Width (m) 2.5 Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 2.8 Machine Quality (kg) 5100 Driving Tread (m) 1.955 Dimensions (Length, Height, mm)

Cut Resistant Gloves

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