Agricultural Machinery 4MG-275 Self-propelled Cotton Stalk Combine Harvester

The 4MG-275 self-propelled cotton-grass combine harvester is a related advanced technology for absorbing models at home and abroad for the Biomass Energy Engineering Center of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. It also targets the rapid development of China's biomass energy for large-scale cotton stalk raw materials. Industrial use of market demand, the first independent integration of research and development with independent intellectual property rights (invention and utility model patents), specifically for medium-sized high-tech cotton stalk collection equipment.

The optional picking table harvesting can realize the integrated functions of picking up, chopping, collecting boxes, dumping and other operations of the cotton stalks, reducing the traditional harvesting of the cotton stalks into a whole plant picking and stripping, and picking up and harvesting the two links. The key breakthrough was the forced grabbing and continuous feeding technology of cotton stalk coronal plants, and the efficient combined harvesting of cotton stalks to meet the large-scale harvesting of thick and tall cotton stalks in the main cotton production areas of the Yangtze River and Yellow River basins in China. Provide raw material collection technology and equipment support for the large-scale industrial utilization of cotton stalk resources.

The optional harvesting platform harvesting can achieve direct harvesting, shredding, container collection, and dumping of the cotton stalk to a special transporter, and reduces the traditional harvesting of cotton stalks into a joint harvesting process. Reduce links, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and are suitable for large-scale use of cotton stalks.

Technical Parameters:

Name Unit Index Value Remarks Harvesting (捡) Width mm2750 Structure of chopping blade Type-Combined knife-type shredding roller Cutting height (header) mm ≤ 100 Ridge ≤ 60 Flat main section length mm ≤ 60 External dimensions mm651028003293 Engine power kW64/87 Overall weight kg5280 Header 5350 Picker Speed ​​of operation km/h3~5

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