Bilang Cole King Combine Harvester

Product introduction:
The Bilang Cole Combine harvester can be used for rapeseed, rice and wheat. It has a multi-purpose function and is welcomed by farmers. Product details:
The “Bilang” brand rapeseed combine harvester designed a special rapeseed header and a threshing grout screen to better solve the key problems such as easy plugging, large header loss, and large loss of threshing cleaning during common rape harvesting of rapeseed. . The use of rapeseed dedicated headers, special concave screens and double adjustable shaker and Other devices for the country's first. The whole machine has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, compact structure, reliable use, and easy operation. The total loss rate, impurity rate and other indicators have met the requirements of the national industry standards.
Replace the ordinary header and harvest rice and wheat. The machine can be used for rapeseed, rice, and wheat, which meets the needs of a multi-purpose machine and improves the utilization rate of machinery. It is widely welcomed by farmers in most major rapeseed, rice, and wheat producing regions in the country.
The project was listed as a national key new product in 2003, and won the first prize of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance in 2003, and the first prize for scientific and technological progress in the national machinery industry in 2003.

The main performance index cuts: 2000mm
Feeding amount: rape: 1.0kg/s, rice, wheat: 2.0kg/s
Production efficiency: 3-6 mu total loss rate: rape ≤ 10.0%, rice ≤ 3.0%, wheat ≤ 1.5%
Inclusion rate: rapeseed ≤ 6.0%, rice, wheat ≤ 2.0%
Broken rate: ≤2.0%
Supporting power: 50 horsepower paddy field passability: ≤15cm
Use reliability: ≥90%

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