New method for artificial insemination of sows

Artificial insemination is a technique in which the boar's semen is harvested by human means and then fed to the sow's uterus through certain means to make the sow pregnant. This article was published by the pig price network and reproduced in the pig price network. At present, more frequently used pig farms are performing artificial insemination and manual assisted mating in a love period. The practice of correct insemination for sows is:

1, the choice of vas deferens:

The vas deferens is divided into multiple and disposable vas deferens. Multiple times of the vas deferens is not easy to clean, disinfect, easily deformed, and can easily cause cross-infection of the disease, but the cost is low. One-time vas deferens vas deferens does not have a spiral or inflated part at the top. In insemination, the uterus is not easy to lock, and semen reflux phenomenon is easy to occur.

2. Preparation before insemination:

All utensils must be strictly disinfected. The glass items should be thoroughly washed and rinsed after each use, and then placed in a high-temperature drying cabinet for disinfection. It can also be sterilized by steaming. The rubber vas deferens should be wrapped with sand cloth and then sterilized with steam or directly with alcohol. The stored semen, especially for cryopreservation, is heated before it is used. That is, the semen is slowly heated to 37°C and 35°C to 37°C.

3, insemination operation:

When inseminating, clean the genitals of the sow first, clean the vulva with a net cloth, and add two drops of semen as a lubricant. Then the vas deferens obliquely avoid the urethra into the sow vagina, when the insemination into the 10-15 cm, turn into a horizontal insertion until the cervix, massage at the same time in the perineum, so that the sow stretch waist, bottom hips, lift the tail.

When the cervix has a sense of lock on the vas deferens, a plastic bag or bottle filled with semen is connected to the vas deferens, so that the negative pressure of uterine contraction sucks the semen deep into the uterus. The insemination time requires 3-5 minutes. When all the semen is infused, leave the vas deferens for 3-5 minutes. Slowly pull the vas deferens or let the vas deferens stay in the vagina. The contraction of the vaginal sphincter allows it to withdraw.

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