Grape buried in the cold three attention

First, pay attention to the distance of grape vines when you are burying the soil, and separate the soil to cover the places where the line spacing is closer. Avoid the damage to the root system when digging the ditch to take the soil, and reduce the cold resistance of the grape pods. At the same time, as much as possible artificially buried, do not use small excavators. The buried mound is strong and does not leak wind.

Second, after the soil is buried, it must be inspected before the soil is completely frozen. Pay special attention to the northwest part of the mound. After the soil is scraped off, it is necessary to make up the soil in time to prevent the grape plant from being damaged due to the thin soil layer during the cold weather. . In addition, we should also pay attention to stocking sheep and other planers destroyed, found missing soil, fill at any time.

Third, some soft soils in the plain areas, due to the large amount of water in the buried soil, in the cold weather environment, will make the mound cracks, and this time to promptly close the stringent, otherwise, there may be frostbite buried plants. Last winter, in many places there was a phenomenon of negligence that caused some grape plants to die. Second, in the early spring, we should pay attention to such situations and we must not go to the soil prematurely.

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