How to solve sudden failure of rotary cultivator

1. When the tractor is suddenly running into black smoke and accompanied by skidding during the field operation, the farmer should not panic. This is due to the overload of the rotary tiller. The depth of the rotary tiller is too large and the soil is too hard. As a result, the unit’s speed should be reduced in time.

2. When the rotary cultivator is in the field operation, when the phenomenon of beating or shaking appears, the blade shall be shut down immediately to check the installation condition of the blade because the blade is not installed according to the instructions. If the blade is wrongly installed, correct it.

3, rotary cultivators in the field operations, if you hear the noise in the gear box, it should be stopped in time, agricultural machinery should get off to check whether the bearing is damaged, whether the tooth loss gear; if it is caused by the bearing, Should replace the new bearing.

4. During the operation, when the rotary cutter shaft suddenly stops turning, the agricultural operator should stop the operation in time and check if the cutter shaft is wrapped around the grass, the bet is serious, or the gear bearing is damaged, causing the bevel gear to have no backlash and other reasons. , weeds should be cleared of dirt, adjust the gap, if the bearing is seriously damaged, new parts should be replaced.

5. When the rotary cultivator is in operation, if metal collision sound and knocking sound are heard, the agricultural operator should stop the work and drive the vehicle out of the work site. After getting off the vehicle, first check the looseness of the transmission chain and the collision of the transmission case body. The knocking sounds emitted shall be adjusted; the tightness of the chains shall be adjusted; the blades of both ends of the rotary blade shaft and the left arm or the transmission box will collide with each other after the deformation; the loosening of the blade fixing screws; the application of a hammer to correct the deformation parts, and then tighten the fixing bolts; Only start the tractor into the field.

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