Two spore mushroom production several matters needing attention

First, training materials should be fully prepared, and ensure the quality of raw materials. Under normal circumstances, a square of the production area needs 60 Jin of raw materials, including 20 kg of cow dung, 35 kg of straw, ammonium bicarbonate, urea, lime powder and more than 5 pounds, and to ensure that straw, dry cow dung.

Second, the work schedule should be reasonable, can make full use of Futian high temperature fermentation of the material, the autumn and winter dew temperature of the bacteria and mycelium growth, frost and the beginning of the winter temperature suitable for fruiting.

Third, the operation process must be strict. The first is to build heaps and turn overs to ensure that the cultivation materials are fully decomposed; the second is to ensure that bacterial cultures are fully germinated and that the mycelium grows well; thirdly, disinfection of the mushroom houses must be thorough to ensure that no bacteria infest the culture materials; Sprinkling should be appropriate during fruiting period to ensure normal formation of fruiting bodies, etc. Fourthly, the mushroom house ventilation should ensure that the mushroom house can have proper temperature and humidity for mushrooming; Fifthly, pest control can be used blindly and physically. Better control.

4. The strains used are high-yield, high-quality, non-spitting yellow water, and no bacterial contamination.

5. The production of Agaricus bisporus is large, labor-intensive, and the price of RU is affected by market fluctuations. There is a large risk of large-scale promotion.

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