High-yielding cultivation method of black corn spring film

Black corn is a new corn variety introduced in recent years and is a precious health food for fruits and vegetables. After two consecutive years of trial planting, the yield per mu was 400 kg to 500 kg. Black corn is known for its rich in water-soluble melanin. It contains a variety of trace elements necessary for the human body. The plant protein and the essential amino acids of the human body are significantly higher than those of ordinary corn, especially the selenium, which is rich in anti-cancer elements, and is not found in other corn. The black corn ear is exquisitely elegant and beautiful, the grain is strong and the cooking is sticky and delicious, and the flavor is unique. The edible black corn has the effect of nourishing and preventing beauty, health and beauty, and is an ideal black natural food.

Black corn plant height 120 cm, 90 days of growth, spike length 12 cm to 15 cm, single panicle weight 150 grams, suitable for fresh corn sticks to sell, you can also receive corn kernels for black food use. Planting black corn is of high value, and it is usually planted in rows from late March to mid-June.

First, soil conditions and fertilization techniques

Black corn is suitable for all kinds of soil. In the early spring, it needs to cover the mulch in order to improve the ground temperature and promote its normal growth. Because the summer season is in a rainy season, the cultivation plots should pay attention to digging the drainage ditch. As soil fertility is now more nitrogen, phosphorus deficiency, and potassium deficiency, phosphorus should be added, potassium increased, and nitrogen be stabilized in the application of basal fertilizer.

Black corn has a short growing period, short stature, and rapid growth. It is suitable for one-time application of base fertilizers, and requires 50 kg of diammonium phosphate, 25 kg of potassium sulfate, 10 kg of all-element compound fertilizer or 20 kg of urea. Calcium phosphate 50 kg, potassium sulfate 25 kg, all-element compound fertilizer 5 kg.

Second, sowing

According to the plot preparation, it is generally from the end of late March to the beginning of April to start sowing, with 15 days to 20 days as a cycle. If the wheat is sowed after harvesting, it is necessary to carry out osteogenesis about 7 days before the wheat harvest, so that the black corn planting can be planted directly for seeding, because the black corn plant type is short, compact, lodging resistance and strong resistance. Sowing must increase the density, leaving two plants per hole, the size of the sowing, mu 3500 points ~ 4000 points is appropriate. The suitable spacing of the strains (holes) is 25 centimeters and 90 centimeters to 50 centimeters. If the rows are planted at equal intervals, the suitable spacing of the strains (holes) is 22 centimeters to 25 centimeters and 75 centimeters to 50 centimeters.

Third, cover the film

Choose the appropriate mulch according to the row size of planting, cover the mulch after sowing, straighten and flatten the mulch, cover with soil and earth pressure cover in the middle and all around to windproof the mulch and lose the function of the cover film. Always inspect the mulch afterwards. If you notice a broken edge or damage, cover it immediately.

Fourth, field management technology

1. The key to seedling management at the seedling stage is Bao Miaoquan, Miao Qi, Miao Lian, and Miao Zhuang. For some young seedlings that have no mulching film, artificial membranes should be used to help them arch the mulch. Some black maize lacking seedlings and ridges must be seeded and replanted; some seedlings, weak seedlings and time seedlings, and seedlings. Maturity time should be set at 2 leaves to 3 leaves.

2. The key to medium-term and late-term management is to strive for large-scale production. In the later period, it is to increase the weight and increase production. In response to the main objectives of management, some of the fertilizer shortages are due to the time, due to seedlings, and top dressing, 15 kg of diammonium phosphate and 5 kg of potassium sulfate.

3. Management of water mulching corn in the early spring is sufficient for seedlings. It is generally advisable to decide whether to water or not depending on the weather during the season of small bellmouths. Summer sowing of corn is usually done about half a month. It should be noted that the water should be poured in one step. Drenched, do not retain water, especially in early spring should pay attention.

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