Introduction Bed Vibration Dryer

Working principle: under the combined action of linear excitation force and hot air, the dry material continuously added by the feed inlet is in the state of throwing or semi-throwing on the dry bed surface, and is continuously discharged to the machine outside the discharge port. The hot air passes through the opening of the bed surface and is vertically contacted and exchanged with the material layer vertically, further fluidizing and drying the material, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the top exhaust port to the dust remover.

Scope of application: This machine is suitable for the drying of loose powdery and granular materials with wide particle size distribution.

The main advantage:

Because the mechanical vibration and the hot air work together to make the material to be dried fluid, it is especially suitable for materials with wide particle size distribution, critical fluidization speed and take-out speed.

The residence time of the material on the bed surface can be steplessly adjusted by the direction and magnitude of the exciting force, and the operation is simple and the process is stable.

The machine can realize the different requirements of drying, cooling, humidification, etc. according to the process requirements, and can also realize the combined operation of drying and cooling.

It is especially suitable for dry applications where it is necessary to protect the crystals of the particles and the shape of the particles after granulation.

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