Deere 3070 combine harvester

The 3070 combine harvester is a demand for advanced small-scale combine harvesters for the ever-changing market and a large number of users. It is based on the 3060 combine harvester by John Deere Harvest Harvester Co., Ltd., using John Deere 1000 The series of proprietary technologies, developed through the joint cooperation of technicians from both China and the United States, not only has a perfect design, but also has unparalleled performance advantages. It is mainly based on harvesting rice and wheat and equipped with corresponding The functional components can also harvest soybeans, sorghum, rapeseed and other crops.

Unique combined flow and lateral axial flow threshing separation system

Unique dual layer reciprocating screen and vortex fan combination cleaning system

There are three kinds of simple unloading device, standard unloading hopper, and standard unloading hopper.

Open guard plate, hidden oil ladder, maintenance platform, maintenance, fueling, easy maintenance

Innovative miscellaneous processing capabilities

Car driving, operation, driving comfort, wide vision

High rate of accessories

Complete accessories, special flexible soybean head, rice threshing device, high-pattern anti-trapped tires, stem choppers, unloading cylinders, etc. can be configured.

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Goji Berry Powder

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