Tractor use maintenance "seven note"

1. Grinding is the basis for prolonging the service life of tractors. Whether it is a new machine or an overhauled old machine, it must be worn in. 2. To net, that is, oil, gas, water, clean without impurities. Diesel is not clean, it will wear precision engine parts, increase the gap, supply pressure is insufficient, combustion is not complete, resulting in engine power is not a net oil, will cause wear between the journal and shaft, oil pressure, Lubrication conditions deteriorated, causing serious accidents such as clogged oil passages, shrouded shafts, and burned tiles. Unclean air will accelerate the wear of liners, pistons, and piston rings. If the cooling water is not clean, the scale of the cooling system will increase, the machine temperature will increase, the lubrication conditions will deteriorate, and the machine parts will wear out. 3. To be full, enough water, enough air, enough air. If the diesel and air supply are insufficient, the engine will have difficulties in starting, poor combustion, and low black smoke power. If the oil supply is insufficient, the locomotive will be poorly lubricated, the parts will be seriously worn, and even burn tiles. If the cooling water is insufficient, the engine temperature will be too high, the power will drop, and the life will be reduced. 4. Check to check for maintenance. Due to the influence of vibration impact and uneven load on the diesel engine during use, the connecting bolts of the connecting rod, the cylinder need, the flywheel housing, the roller, etc. are easy to loosen, and the fastening should be checked in time. Valve clearance, valve phase, decompression gap, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure, etc. should be promptly checked and adjusted. 5. Make sure that the tractor is working in good condition. The engine performance is good, the direction of the tractor is sensitive, the brakes are good, reasonable loading, not overweight, can extend the life of the tractor. 6. Use the tractor correctly. Before starting, crank the car and lubricate the lubrication points before starting. After the vehicle starts, it should be put into operation when the water temperature reaches 40°C-5°C. It is forbidden to ask for overload or low speed operation for a long time. Please remove the load before stopping to reduce the speed. After parking in winter, the cooling water should be released after the water temperature drops. 7. To ensure that the diesel engine maintenance work is always done well, the tractor is in good working condition. Observe diligently and diligently check and find that the problem is solved immediately. According to the instructions. Regularly maintain the locomotive.

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