New plant protection machinery

Plant protection machinery is a machine used to control pests and diseases during the growth of crops. It is an indispensable tool for preventing agricultural diseases, pests and weeds, including motorized dusters, sprayers, mist sprayers, pruning machines, and cultivators and weed cutters. Wait. Several commonly used new plant protection machinery are introduced as follows: 1. 3YC type normal temperature fog machine: Developed by Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, this machine adopts imported technology, and is designed for localization, with large, medium, small and static electricity. The five varieties of the series, with uniform smoke, water and pollution-free characteristics, is an important tool for greenhouse pest control and pest control. The aircraft supporting power 0.8 ~ 2kw, control area of ​​500 ~ 5000 square meters / Taiwan. 2. Wide-spoke and long-range sprayer: Developed by Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization, this machine consists of a high-speed ceramic plunger pump, a combination spray gun, an automatic mixing device, and a coiling device. High-pressure, wide-range, long-range uniform spray technology has been adopted to increase the penetrability of droplets, solving the problem of re-spray and miss-spray, which can increase the utilization of pesticides; and adopting a non-field operation method to prevent and control high efficiency and low labor intensity. Drug safety, but also solve the problem of high crop plant equipment can not go to the field; the sprayer is portable, stretcher type, vehicle-mounted 3 models, basically meet the needs of pest control of different crops, not only suitable for the majority of rice areas, but also for each Gardening, fruit trees and other cash crops. 3, 3WGZ-2000 overhead self-propelled sprayer: Developed by Xinjiang Akesu Xinnong General Machinery Factory, this machine is mainly composed of a frame, an engine, a cab, a walking system, a steering system, a transmission system, and a spraying system. The working principle of the engine: the engine transmits power to the traveling system through the transmission system, drives the sprayer to walk, and the gearbox drives the water pump and the water to pressurize through the power output pulley, and spray operation is performed through the pipeline nozzle, the height of the boom and the rear wheel. Adjustable distance, separate water pump to complete the water operation. The working width of the aircraft is 16 meters, the track adjustment range is 1.8 meters to 2.25 meters, the ground clearance is 1050 millimeters, the spraying rack is 1500 millimeters to 1080 millimeters from the ground clearance, the medicine tank volume is 2000 liters, the supporting power is 38 kilowatts, and the working speed is 2 ~ 4.6 km/h.

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