New bio-fertilizer capable of preventing soil compaction

The soil phosphorus activator developed by Professor Xu Jinggang of Northeast Agricultural University has recently passed expert appraisal. According to the assessment, the preparation has a strong ability to activate phosphorus, has no pollution to the soil, and is suitable for the development of green food production and ecological agriculture. Affected by the characteristics of phosphorus and farming practices, only 15%-20% of the annual phosphate fertilizer applied to the soil is absorbed and utilized by the current crop. The remaining 80% is fixed by the soil and forms a large amount of phosphate deposits, destroying the soil aggregate structure. Causes soil compaction and poor cultivation. Professor Xu Jinggang presided over the cultivation of the "soil phosphorus activator" into the soil, will be fixed in the soil, invalid, and calcium combined with a large number of phosphorus decomposition for the growth and utilization of crops. According to reports, the results of tests in 14 provinces throughout the country confirm that this new type of bio-fertilizer for soil compaction is suitable for most agricultural soils in China. It can be planted, rooted, or applied with fertilizer. At present, it has reached an area of ​​8 million mu across the country.

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