Jingguan HF558 semi-feeding combine harvester

Model 4LBZ-145C Product Model HF558 Product Structure Type Half-feed Self-propelled Combine Harvester Overall Length (mm) 4.400 Full Width (mm) 1.980 Full Height (mm) 2.380 Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 180 Machine Mass (kg) 2.660 Compatible Engine Model E4DD-VA Form Vertical Water-Cooled 4-Cylindrical Eddy-Current Diesel Engine Displacement (L) 2.835 Rated Power/Rated Speed ​​(kw{PS}r/min) 41.2{56}/2,400 Fuel tank capacity 53 Starting method Electric motor type Travel part Track width Ground length (mm) 4001,445 Center distance (mm) 1,010 Average ground pressure (kpa) ≤ 24 Speed ​​change mode Hydraulic stepless speed change (HST) Travel speed (km/h ) Forward low speed: 0 to 2.84 High speed: 0 to 4.93 Walking: 0 to 6.33 Backward low speed: 0 to 2.73 High speed: 0 to 4.68 Walking: 0 to 5.86 Reaping number of rows for harvesting section 4 line width (mm) 1,450 Recycling apparatus Cutting knife width (mm) 1,441 Knife type VI type gear shifting number Abutment shifting speed: 3-speed cutting height range (35) 150 threshing depth adjustment method Electric type (automatic, manual use) threshing screening section threshing method double Axial flow threshing roller under the barrel Wide diameter (mm) Operating speed r/min Secondary processing barrel Diameter (mm) ) Operating speed r/min Dust removal drum width (mm) Operating speed r/min Vibrating screen box width length (mm) 6601,625 Grain handling section Grain handling method Funnel bag connection Funnel capacity (L) 200 Number of spouts Three-way access to food Method of manual picking of grain Combater Chopping method Disc cutter Length of chopped (mm) 80 Various alarm devices Automatic abnormality, engine oil, battery charging, water temperature, harvesting plug, full grain, threshing Clutch jamming, jam removal, automatic jamming, automated equipment, automatic threshing device, safety device, harvesting clogging, engine emergency stop, engine start safety switch, header lock, other devices, power steering, safety monitoring, sensor check Adaptation to crops (mm) 650 to 1,200 Lodging fitness (degrees) rice: cut 85 degrees reverse cut 70 degrees wheat: 45 degrees of pure working hours productivity (k?/h) 0.25 to 0.40 (this data varies depending on the crop? field conditions) fuel consumption per hectare (kg/h?) 12.6 to 26.5 ※Note 1 ● Note 1: At 70% below the maximum harvesting speed, there is no weed on the cutting line, the crop stands upright, the natural height is between 650 and 1200mm, and the panicle width difference is not more than 250mm. Grain moisture content is 15% to 26%, dry field, even In the case of the job. ● Improvements or changes to the main specifications will not be announced.

HF558 type features:

1, high power and low fuel consumption vortex chamber four-cylinder diesel engine (56ps/2835cc)

2. The engine air filter adopts a two-layer structure

3, operating speed: 1.37m / s (maximum 1.76m / s)

4. Radiator Cooling Adopts Wing-incapable Wing Shape Inspiratory Area Increases 133%

5、Perfect secondary threshing and secondary cleaning increase the efficiency by using an open dust outlet