Revo 3098 wheat harvester

1,100 hp famous engine, more powerful;

2. Increase the clean room, and the function of threshing and cleaning is stronger;

3, 2.3 cubic meters large grain warehouse, full grain alarm, top stamping, with a long unloading grain cylinder, high operating efficiency;

4, mechanical shift, rear wheel pitch adjustable, easy to operate

5, hook-type header, easy to replace soybean scratch Taiwan;

6, optional 1000 series drive axle, higher reliability;

7, using the recycling back drum technology, threshing more thoroughly;

8. The header is double-cylinder support, lengthened bridge, better stability and passability;

9, the new design of double roller double concave plate gap adjustable structure, better adaptability.

Parameter Item Value Supported Power (kW) 73.5 Cutoff (m) 2.75/3.25 (Soybean Flexing Table) Feeding Ink (kg/s) 3 Overall Quality (Kilograms) 5800/6200 Drive Track (m) 2.08 Dimensions (Length, height, mm)654032003400