Eight Causes of Failure of Astragalus Breeding

The cultivation of Astragalus mongolicus is also one of the special aquaculture productions. It is better to raise economic efficiency income than to raise fish. Therefore, in the rural aquaculture, the number of households raising Astragalus mongolicus has been expanding in recent years, but there are also many farmers in raising astragalus roots. It is a failure. There are many reasons for checking it. However, there are mainly eight types of technical problems.
Indiscriminate purchase of seed: Many so-called “farming” seed or other so-called “high-quality” seedlings purchased and cultivated outdoors are actually collected as seedlings of wild species, and these seedlings are not preserved due to temporary conservation and multi-linkage storage, transportation, etc. Scientific operation, the mortality rate in culture is between 90% and 100%, so when buying seedlings, we must carefully examine and discern.
Unmatched varieties: from the outside, there are dark yellow spots, large red spot, light yellow spot, and fine green spots. Only the first two species are selected to have a faster growth rate. Artificial breeding can achieve the desired economic benefits. .
Polyculture: In the same pool, the size of polyculture, small crickets did not dare to fight for food and physical weakness or even death. When there is not enough food, the big quail swallows the small quail so that it grows in size. Although the larvae grow fast, the total pond production is low.
Pool water is too deep: Because there is no fleas in the body of the cricket, it is not possible to float freely in different water layers to expose the surface to breathe air. The water in the pool is too deep, and the jaundice needs to swim to the surface frequently to breathe and consume a lot of physical energy, which affects the growth of normal life. The pond should have a depth of 5-20 cm depending on the size of the carcass, and the cages should be filled with the entire cage to provide good habitat and breathing conditions for the yellow praying mantis.
Dianchi Shi manure: Dianchi water is small, Shi manure is very easy to corrupt water quality, induced disease, so "improved water quality" is worth the candle.
Ignore the cultivation of aquatic plants: aquatic plants can cool down the sunburn and protect water quality. Dianchi without aquatic grasses cannot create a good ecological environment. It is also difficult for aquaculture to succeed, or it is difficult to achieve high yields and high profits.
Feed the vegetarian diet: Some farmers use wheat bran, vegetable cakes, bean dregs, rice, green vegetables and other plant vegetarian foods to feed the jaundice. When hunger is severely hunger and lack of bait, the jaundice will also be swallowed in small quantities. Nutrition can not satisfy the life activities of the jaundice. Needs, let alone growth and weight gain, have long caused the jaundice to gradually become thin and die. Astragalus is a ferocious benthic carnivorous fish, should be fed animal feed or full-priced compound feed.
Frequent refueling: often farmers have no protection due to bait, often changing feed type feeding. Astragalus feed should have a certain degree of stability, suddenly change the type of feed, jaundice is difficult to adapt and refuse to eat, will affect the normal production growth.

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