What should you watch out for when grazing sheep in summer?

In summer, it is necessary to catch heat and catch estrus in the heat, shear the hair in time, grasp the medicine bath and fix the hoof. When grazing, pay attention:

(1) Select a high-pitched, cool, ventilated hillside grazing, and pay attention to heatstroke to prevent mosquitoes and flies biting.

(2) Be sure to leave for the morning and evening and try to extend the grazing time. At noon, take a rest in the shade, make up for salt, drink good water, and grazing more than 10 hours daily. Mainly in the grazing in the morning to make wind and animal husbandry, the wind to the animal husbandry; the afternoon wind and animal husbandry, downwind animal husbandry, do not control the sheep, so that the sheep spread out to eat grass.

(3) There is much rain and rain, and it is necessary to strive for light rain when it is sunny and moderate rain persists. When heavy rain stops, try to release it.
Be careful not to expose aquatic plants and prevent tumors from swelling and other diseases.

(4) Be careful not to expose aquatic weeds and prevent tumors from swelling and other diseases.

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