Making female litter box

The farrowing box, also known as the nest box, is the place where the female rabbits are born and suckled, and is also the main place of life for the three-week-old piglets. It is usually placed in cages or suspended outside cages before the farrowing of the female rabbits. It is usually made of wood, fiberboard, or hard plastic. At present, there are two types of farrowing boxes in rabbit farms in different parts of the country. One is flat and the other is hanging.

First, flat-type: one is the open flat litter box, multi-purpose 1-1.5 cm thick wood nailed into a rectangular wooden box 402613 cm box bottom has a rough saw pattern, and leave a gap or open a small hole, so that The rabbit is not easy to slip and is conducive to the exclusion of urine. The upper part of the farrowing box is wrapped with iron or bamboo. The other is a crescent-shaped box, which can be erected or used in a horizontal position. Lateral feeding and nursing can be used to increase the area inside the box, and it is usually erected to prevent the puppies from climbing out of the litter box.

Second, hanging type: Hanging litter box more use of good insulation properties such as foam plastic or light metal materials. Hang on the cage door of the rabbit cage and leave a square hole of a moderate size on the side that contacts the rabbit cage. The bottom is just flush with the floor of the cage. A play cover is placed above the litter box. Such litter box has the characteristics of not occupying the area inside the cage and being easy to manage. (ç¿Ÿ Frequency Yang Jie)

Laying hens keeping is one of the leading areas of the poultry. To maxi- mize the productivity comfortable living conditions shall be ensured to the poultry. Such conditions include not only high-quality food, and an optimum microclimate,  but also hitech cage equipment.

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