Rapeseed Insect Pests - Prevention and Control of Plutella xylostella

Plutella xylostella is one of the main pests of rapeseed. When the damage is severe, it can reach the level of absolute production. Generally, it can occur for 3-4 generations in the life of rape, and the generation overlaps, which makes it more difficult to control. The prevention and control technologies are introduced as follows:

First, predict and check the timely prevention and treatment. First of all, we must understand and master the occurrence of the diamondback moth, especially in the areas where the previous year was serious, and pay attention to the occurrence of the next year. When rape seedlings grow to 8-10 leaves, field inspections, such as larvae of more than 20 larvae per square meter, should be sprayed immediately 3-4 times to effectively control the hazards.

Second, the correct choice of pesticides. At present, there are many kinds of pesticides used to control diamondback moth, and 25% of them are controlled by Huifengchuang, 4.5% cypermethrin, 2.5% kung fu, 35% gram moth, 0.9% efford, etc., but at the time of purchase Should pay attention to review whether there is a "pesticide business license" to prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting.

Third, control methods
1, the concentration of liquid preparation should be appropriate, in order to achieve both the control effect and the purpose of saving expenses, such as where the saline water can increase the concentration. When preparing the liquid medicine, water should be added to the sprayer bucket after the medicine is dispensed, so that the liquid medicine is uniformly mixed.

2. The concentration of the drug solution should be different according to different drugs, the concentration of preparation is also different, commonly used anti-effective can be used first 4.5% cypermethrin EC 1000-1500 times, 25% Huifeng Coke 1500 times, 2.5% Kung Fu 2000 times liquid, 35% Ke Fu Bao 2000 times liquid, 0.9% Edoutin No. 2 2000 times liquid spray control. If it is particularly serious, increase the concentration appropriately.

3, the amount should be sufficient, spray should be careful. When the oilseed rape is more than 10 leaves and after bolting, 1.5 sprayers (15 liters per sprayer, the same below) shall be sprayed and prepared. When the rapeseed grows to 60 cm in height, the branches will be larger and larger. The mu should be sprayed with a 2.5-liter spray of the prepared liquid, and the spray should be carefully applied. The sprayer should be sprayed upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards, so that all the plants adhere to the liquid.

4, group defense, joint defense, timely, centralized control. In the peak period of Plutella xylostella, there is a serious overlap in the generations of the diamondback moth, for example, in this area, the insects fly to another land egg. Therefore, in a natural village, a method of centralized prevention and control shall be adopted to concentrate the whole planter's uniform time on a plot-by-slice plot for spraying and all of them shall be played in 3-5 days. This will serve the purpose of killing larvae as well as escaping adults to lay eggs in the field. Spraying 3-4 times in a serious year of the diamondback moth can effectively control its damage, and the control effect can reach more than 90%. (Yu Yong)

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