Skillful use of sticky repair method to repair cylinder block cavitation

Engines with dry cylinder liners, such as cavitation pits (ie, honeycombed small pinholes) in the cylinder, not only cause cylinder bores to wear through, but can also affect dry cylinder liners, causing cavitation, resulting in cylinders. Leaking, the engine can't work.

The traditional method of repairing the cavitation erosion of the cylinder block is cast iron welding, that is, casting 308 pure nickel cored cast iron electrodes with a diameter of 3mm, welding at a welding current of 90-100A, and then using a boring machine to cut the borehole of the cylinder sleeve to a standard. size. This method is not only a complicated and eclipsed method. The specific approach is as follows:

Pull out the old cylinder liner with a special tensioner. At the honeycomb hole corrosion area of ​​the cylinder bore hole of the cylinder block, use a micro air-driven grinding wheel to flatten and polish it to expose the new metal surface. Then, first flush with acetone or gasoline, dry the area with acetylene gas flame, and then you can perform the replenishment work. The following methods can be used for stickiness:

Method one: Take a suitable amount of mixed No. 2 agricultural machinery glue that has been mixed and smeared on the pit erosion area (note that the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will deform the cylinder liner), and then press the new cylinder liner into it.

Method 2: Mix 12-point or more cast iron powder with epoxy resin (in an amount of 10%-20% by weight of the resin), mix it thoroughly, and then apply it to the etched area.

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