Pig farm water source

There are two main sources of water available for pig farms: groundwater and surface water. No matter what kind of water source is used as the production water for the farm, two conditions must be met: 1 The water quantity is sufficient; 2 The water quality meets the hygienic requirements. In today's more serious water pollution, the surface water quality is a must-concern aspect. If drinking water is supplied by the water company, it will undoubtedly increase the cost of raising pigs. However, if the pig farms solve their own drinking water, water purification should be considered. Disinfection and investment in water quality monitoring. On the other hand, if you consider the exploitation of groundwater resources for well digging, you need to calculate the water requirement to determine the number of wells, so as to make an estimate of the required investment, and the amount of investment and maintenance costs that can be paid can be used as the basis for selecting the source of water. If flush water and drinking water are used separately, since flushing water mainly considers the problem of water volume, surface water resources can be used in large quantities through general decontamination treatment and simple water quality monitoring, which can save the cost of water.

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