Keeping the nutria in the summer

In the hot summer months, various bacteria are active and the coypu is susceptible to viral diseases. In the summer, feeding coypu should pay attention to the following three points:
First, do a good job in heatstroke work The coypu is not resistant to heat, lack of tolerance for direct light and hot weather. Therefore, we must pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer. The roof of the pens should be covered with shades such as branches and straw. In order to reduce the temperature, the pool water can also be changed frequently and kept cool, which is beneficial to its breeding.
The second is to keep the toilets clean and change the water 2 or 3 times a day, and remove the dirt from the pool water every time the water is changed. Take regular water as well. The coypu's self-cleaning ability is very strong. If it is unclean inside the nest, it will feel uneasy, so the excrement and residual food in the circle should be promptly removed to prevent fermentation in the circle. At high temperatures, do not turn green forage grasses into barnyardgrass, stalk grasses rot to ferment and produce high heat, raise the temperature in the nest, suffocate the beaver rats, and in some cases cause dampness in the nest, causing the coypu to become crickets.
The third is to add a variety of vitamins.
Vitamins are the activators in the metabolism of animals and are the main players in animal metabolism. Animal life activities are related to vitamins. If there is a lack of vitamins, it will reduce the activity of some enzymes in the body and inhibit the corresponding metabolic processes, thereby affecting the growth, reproduction and disease resistance of the coypu. Therefore, add 0.02% multivitamin to the diet.

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