Ginger Planting Manual

In April, the temperature is stable above 15°C. Ground temperature above 16°C can be used for open sowing. It is best to sow according to the local conditions. The general period is from Qingming to Guyu. During this time, early sowing is better. Each ginger weighing 50-80 grams, with 1-2 buds, soaked with 250-500 mg/l ethephon for 15 minutes, sowed by flat pendulum, single row planting, spacing 18-24 cm, 2500 per mu ~ 4000 strains, 150-250 kg per mu. After sowing, cover a thin layer of soil, cover the ginger with compost, manure, etc., and finally cover the grass and keep warm. Seedlings generally do not apply water. May from the beginning of May, you can shade ginger seedlings, can be used to cover the shade, or cover the grass on the ground to cover the shade, or for interspersed shades or covered with black plastic film shade and other forms. Ginger should be drained at any time to prevent waterlogging. Strengthen the cultivator weeding, chemical weeding can be used 25% of herbicidal ether wettable powder, using spray method, with about 1 kg per 667 square meters, add about 100 kg of clear water into the liquid, after the ginger sowing, the soil will be wet Evenly spray on the ginger ditch and the surrounding ground, and reverse the operation. Dole, cable and other drugs can also be used. In June, attention was paid to the hazards of borers from the beginning of June, spraying deltamethrin lipidicides every 7-10 days, or using 90% trichlorfon or 1000 times spray of dichlorvos or irrigation. Spray the herbicide for the first time again after 20 to 25 days. In the later period, ginger can be harvested, while a dry cake fertilizer or human waste can be re-applied, and then the soil can be used. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of ginger acariditis, at the beginning of the disease, use 90% of Jiangyining 300 times solution or 401 antibacterial agent or 20,000 times of agricultural streptomycin sulfate to irrigate water, or 50% of dexamethasone, carbendazim or thiophanate 1000 times Liquid spray or dripping. July high temperature and drought, pay attention to irrigation drought, often keep the soil moist. Irrigation must be carried out sooner or later, and the emergency irrigation must be done without watering. Note prevention of ginger borer, borer, beet armyworm and so on. Spodoptera exigua control, can be used 20% of the 10% of the hit EC 25%, or 5% scorpion moth killing and pyrethroid partners supporting the use of special effects on Spodoptera exigua, can also be used such as 5% Suppository. In August, attention should be paid to drought and moisturizing. Generally, a large amount of water should be poured every 5 days or so. However, it cannot cause water accumulation in the fields of ginger, and it must be drained in time after rainfall. Yu Liqiu has applied topdressing once a day in the summer, and applied 20-30 kg of compound fertilizer per mu or 1500 kg of 30% of livestock and manure liquid. The top dressing is to dig a shallow ditch about 15 cm away from the base of the ginger seedling plant. In combination with topdressing for the first time, the original back-groove soil was cultivated at the base of the ginger plant and changed into a ridge. Afterwards, the soil is combined with watering. It usually takes about three times to cultivate earth. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of ginger borer, borer and so on. In mid-September, the third top dressing of Jiang Tian is to be performed with 25 kg of ammonium sulfate or 20 kg of ternary compound fertilizer per 667 square meters. For good growth, the top dressing cannot be carried out, so as not to grow long. In the middle and late harvest crops should be promptly harvested and the sheds removed. In the middle of the harvest, tender ginger will be marketed. From the middle of this month to the beginning of November, fresh ginger is harvested before the beginning of the month of October, with a small amount of moist soil and stored directly without drying. The key to storage is to meet the storage temperature of 15 °C 2 °C, relative humidity of 90% to 95%, the use of cellar or air-raid shelter, or pit buried storage.

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