Dry nurse nanny management and cultivation techniques

The dry nurse nanny is applied to paddy rice seedlings. After sowing, it can quickly absorb muddy water at the bottom of the seedbed and form a "small reservoir", "small fat reservoir" and "small drug storehouse" around the seed and the root of the seedling. A water-filled balloon with a diameter of about 2.5-3 cm is formed to create a good environment for seed emergence and robust growth. In order to give full play to the advantages and role of dry-nourished nanny in rice dry-landing, special management and cultivation techniques of dry-raising seedlings are highlighted:
First, water management. Dry nursery nanny should properly control the moisture. When the cover is peeled away, water should be poured in one shot, and the seedbed should be fully dry and then watered. After the seedling bed dries out in the afternoon before the pullout, it is drenched and then watered once so that the earthworm can be pulled out and thrown. Avoid frequent watering so as not to cause difficulty in pulling.
Second, pay attention to control pests. Dry arid seedlings have changed the soil environment of the water aphid, and ground tigers, earthworms, cockroaches, and rice weevil have caused damage to arid grasshoppers. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of dryland pests and spray them on seedbeds in the morning and evening with insecticides.
Third, strengthen disease prevention and control. As the coating process is likely to cause incomplete coating, causing yellowing symptoms such as blight. Therefore, we must pay attention to: (1) Lacquered or rain washed to make grain exposed in a timely manner to cover the fine soil 2 pay attention to add water 3 is the use of carbendazim and other agents spray preservation seedlings.
Fourth, pay attention to fertilization. Due to differences in soil fertility, dry nursery pods tend to cause yellowing and other de-fertilization symptoms. The first is to pay attention to the combined application of water and make up 1% urea. The second is the combination of watering and manure.
V. Notes on cultivation:
1. When pulling the seedlings, one strain and one strain should be separated so that they can be cast.
2, the age of about 30 days is appropriate, timely cast.
3, due to drought or non-transplanting rice seedlings caused by a long age or too high seedlings, can be cast seedlings transplanted.
4. When throwing, you should choose cloudy or sunny and windless weather, or when the wind is not strong, throw winds in the wind, avoid the strong winds or rainy days, generally throwing about 3 meters upward is appropriate. Strive to throw high and throw evenly.
5. When throwing, throw 70% and leave 30%. Usually 1.6 to 17,000 plants per acre, throwing around 30 per square meter. (Hubei Dangyang Agricultural 110 Service Center)

 ETR Nurse Call System 

ETR Medical Nurse Calling System is designed for providing the communication between patients in wards and medical personnel in nurses offices in case of any peculiar conditions in hospitals. With cast-into-once deluxe plastic master telephone hosing, innovative summary fixed mode, complete information electronic summary and audio number reporting system,it has higher performance-cost ration than those products of the same variety. So far, two-wire and four-wire systems are available.

It consists of host,bed extension, corridor display, door lamp, secondary host as well as optional modules (including music, bathroom extension) for realizing some peculiar functions.

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Select-able: More beds quantity choices: 30, 50, 70, 110 beds.

Precision: Simultaneous calling of multiple extensions without omission. 
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Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

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