Pinghu bad egg processing method

From March to April each year, fresh eggs and glutinous rice flour are used to make eggs with rich scent.
1. The selection of fresh eggs is the same as that of unleaded preserved eggs.
2. 120 duck eggs with raw materials, 10.8-11.5 kg of barley, 36-48 g of liquor, 13-23 g of sweet wine, and 1.6-1.8 kg of salt.
3, glutinous rice brewing bad (1) immersed rice: glutinous rice should be selected, the amount of feeding to 120 eggs with glutinous rice 10.8 ~ 11.5 kilograms. After scouring the rice, put it in the cylinder, add cold water to immerse it, and soak in the air at 12°C for 24 hours. If the temperature rises by 2°C, the soaking can be reduced by 1 hour; if the temperature drops by 2°C, the soaking is prolonged for 1 hour.
(2) Steaming rice: Remove the immersed glutinous rice from the tank, rinse it once with cold water, pour it into a steaming bucket and spread it around. Before steaming the rice, boil the water in the pan and place the rice steamer on the steaming plate. After the steam rises from the pan through the glutinous rice, cover it with a wooden lid. About 10 minutes The water was splashed on the rice, and then steamed for 15 minutes. The rice was stirred with a wooden stick and steamed again for 5 minutes to thoroughly steam the rice. The degree of rice cooking is about 150% of the rice yield. Asked rice to be loose, no white heart, permeate not bad, cooked and not sticky.
(3) Rice rinsing: Place the steaming bucket of the steamed rice on the rice rack and pour cold water to cool the rice to 28 to 30°C.
(4) Mixing wine and glutinous rice: Leach the water after pouring the water, pour it into the tank, and sprinkle with the vinegar powder that has been finely ground beforehand. After adding the wine, stir well, beat it flat, and clench tightly. Spread a layer of wine on the surface and dig a small lake with a diameter of about 30 cm in the middle. Tam points deep into the bottom of the tank. Don't stay at the bottom of the pool. The cylinder block is covered with straw mats, and the cylinder mouth is covered with a clean grass cover. The temperature is kept at 35° C. After 20 to 30 hours, the wine can be fermented. When the tan liquor is brewed 3 to 4 centimeters deep, the straw lid should be raised 12 centimeters high with a bamboo stick to reduce the temperature and prevent the distiller's grains from being hot, red, and bitter. When it is full of ponds, every six hours, the brewing of the liquor in the pool is splashed on the bad side, and the malt is fully alcoholized. After 7 days, the distiller's grains were mixed and poured into the altar and left standing for 14 days until the changes were completed and the properties were stable. Good quality distiller's grains are white, odoriferous and sweet. The ethanol content is about 15%, and the Baume degree is about 10 degrees. If it is found that the distiller's grains are red, hot and sour, it cannot be used.
4, egg selection shelling (1) washing eggs: pick a good egg, before the bad system 1 to 2 days, after cleaning and ventilation cool place.
(2) Battered shell: Battered shell is a unique process for the processing of bad eggs in Pinghu. It is important to use light when hitting eggs, so that the shell is broken and the membrane is not broken.
5, installed altar (1) steaming altar: bad system before checking whether the altar leaked, washed with water, steam sterilization.
(2) Drop the altar: Take the disinfected bad egg altar, spread it on the bottom of the altar with 4 kilograms of mature distiller's grains (bottom dig), and after the flattening, put the broken egg into the eggshell. Insert the egg into the grave with the head up, and the gap between the eggs should not be too large. It is advisable to have the eggs all around and be able to rotate freely. After the first layer of eggs is put in place, put 4 kg in the waist and put on the second layer of eggs. Generally, more than 50 pieces are placed on the first floor, 70 pieces are placed on the second floor, and 120 pieces of two floors are placed on each floor. After the second layer is full, cover the surface with 9 kg of malted noodles, and then evenly sprinkle 1.6 to 1.8 kg of salt.
6. The purpose of sealing altars is to prevent the volatilization of ethanol and acetic acid and the intrusion of bacteria. The eggs are sealed and marked with dates, eggs, and grades for inspection.
7. Mature maturity of mature eggs is 4.5 to 5.0 months. Monthly inspections should be conducted to control the quality of bad eggs. In the 5th month, most of the egg shells were peeled off, or some of them were attached, but they peeled off as soon as they were peeled off. The protein forms a jelly-like jelly and the egg yolk is orange and semi-solidified. At this time, the egg has become dull and mature.
8, bad quality indicators
(1) Sensory index color: protein white, egg yellow orange or yellow.
Shape: The eggshell falls off or falls off, the egg membrane does not break, the egg shape is complete, and the egg is soft.
Organizational state: The protein was pastey and the egg yolk was semi-solidified.
Taste: mellow, delicious, with an aftertaste.
Impurities: Impurities are not allowed in eggs.
(2) Health indicators Number of bacteria (units/g) < 500
E. coli (/100g)<30
Pathogens (Salmonella) must not be detected

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