The Danger and Treatment Method of Diesel Engine's "Three Leaks"

"Three leakages" is the abbreviation for diesel engine leakage, leakage, and leakage. The "three leaks" of diesel engines are of great harm: First, they increase the consumption of oil, waste energy, and increase operating costs; second, they accelerate the wear of mechanical parts, deteriorate the state of technology, and reduce power; third, they shorten the service life of mechanical parts. Increase the cost of repairs; Fourth, it is prone to accidents; Fifth, it affects the appearance of cars and machinery and the cleanliness of the machine; and Sixth, it pollutes the environment. Therefore, if the diesel engine has "three leaks", it should be repaired in time. Here are some ways to manage the "three leaks" for pilots to try. First, add pad governance leakage method: diesel engine oil leakage joint gasket leakage, can be added on both sides of the leak-proof washer a layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic mats, tightly tighten to prevent leakage. Second, the paint film leak control method: Diesel fuel tank, water tank, crankcase and other joints leak, can be placed in alcohol soaked in paint, the paint film is applied to the clean joints can be leaked . However, paint films are expensive and are generally used only when the situation is urgent. Third, the oil leakage method: diesel engine tank bottom case, cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankcase back cover, etc., when the paper pad leakage, as long as the paper pad is intact, the joint surface is clean, you can wipe on both sides of the paper pad Apply a layer of butter and tighten the bolts to prevent leaks. If you use a new paper pad, soak the new paper pad in diesel for 10 minutes before installation. Then remove the wipe and apply a layer of butter to the joint surface before mounting. Fourth, the liquid sealant leakage method: the occurrence of solid gasket defects on the diesel engine (such as pits, grooves, cracks) and the formation of interface leakage and destructive leakage, with liquid sealant smear in a clean solid gasket combined On the surface, after curing, it can form a uniform, stable, continuous adhesive peelable film gasket that can prevent all leakage phenomena. Fifth, anaerobic glue leakage method: diesel engine on the vent bolts, studs, screw plugs, etc. at the occurrence of leakage, with anaerobic adhesive smear in the cleaned bolts, threads or screw holes, can be quickly cured The film fills the gaps of the parts and can withstand large pressures. It also has strong shock-proof and loose-proof fastening functions. If used for diesel engine high pressure oil pipe joints, the leakage effect is better. Sixth, the size of the recovery of rubber leakage method: diesel engine shaft and bushings, bearings and housings, valves and valve seats, self-tightening oil seals, felt cups and packing fillers, etc., when leaking, can be used to restore the size of plastic in the cleaning After the parts of the mating parts are clean, they form a film layer with high wear resistance, heat resistance, and high mechanical strength after being cured, and then undergo mechanical processing such as car, boring, scraping, boring and the like to restore the geometric shape and fit of the parts. Accuracy to solve the leakage problem. Seventh, sticky glue leak control law: diesel engine body parts, such as fuel tanks, tanks, tubing, water pipes, etc., when the trachoma, pores caused by leakage, with adhesive glue smear in the clean damaged place, you can receive Leakage effect.

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