Cultivation of unpolluted sponge gourd seven points

Soil requirements Loose gourd should be planted on plots that have not been planted within 3 years and have been planted with non-melon crops. The soil requires deep plowing, flat terrain, convenient drainage and irrigation, and good physical and chemical properties. Variety selection The selection of high-quality, high-yield, disease-resistant pests, strong resistance, adaptability, good commodity varieties. Be careful not to use transgenic gourd varieties. Seed treatment soaked with 50-51 warm water for 20 minutes, or soaked with 100% glacial acetic acid for 30 minutes, rinsed with clean water and dried for 2-4 hours, soaked with 10% trisodium phosphate for 10 minutes, or with seed weight 3 % of the 50% thiram wettable powder dressing. Nutrient soil for nursery can be prepared by mixing the garden soil that has not been planted with the melon crop within 3 years and the quality decomposed organic fertilizer. Among them, high-quality decomposed organic fertilizer accounted for 30% and was used after sieving. 50% carbendazim or 50% thiophanate-methyl WP wettable powder 5-10 g per square meter seedbed was used to mix and sterilize the nursery soil. Mix 50% carbendazim WP with 50% thiram WP, or 25% methine WP and 70% zeat WP by 9:1, per square meter bed Soil medicine 8-10 grams mixed with 15-30 kilograms of fine soil, disinfect the nursery bed. When sowing, take 1/3 of the medicine soil and sprinkle it on the surface of the plant. After sowing, cover the rest 2/3 on the seed. The use of nutrients, paper bags and other mulching root. Planting 4000 mu of high quality organic fertilizer, 20 kg of potassium sulfate, 120 kg of superphosphate, 10 kg of urea per mu, deep plowing 20 cm, leveling, ridging, and filming. Sheath ventilation vents are blocked with gauze to stop pests such as aphids and spotted lilies. 2-3 kg of sulphur per acre and 0.25 kg of dichlorvos are mixed with sawdust, and are discharged in batches, closed for 24 hours, and colonized when the air is odorless. Each gram of silver gray plastic film 5 kg, or the silver-gray film cut into 10 cm 15 cm wide banners, spacing 15 cm, vertical and horizontal draw into a mesh-like. After the planting, the soil in the early stage of management should not be too wet. After the planting, the soil should be cultivated in shallow soil, and in the middle stage, furrow irrigation or subsurface irrigation should be performed. The result is a high soil moisture level during the peak period. When the height of the seedlings is 30 cm, 400 kg of diluted faecal water is used per mu. When the seedling height is more than 1 meter, 800 kg of rotted manure water can be applied in combination with watering. During the fruit period, 1,200 kg of decomposed manure water can be chased. Field management stalk ranch when about 50 cm long, left no collateral before the melon, the result after leaving 2-3 of the early female flowers of the strong side vine, removed weak side vines, dry vines, old leaves and male buds, deformed fruit. Set yellow traps to kill aphids and spotted lilies.

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