Spring, egg, duck, catch "four wants"

First, choose to put pastures. In early spring, ducks can be grazing in shallow ponds, rivers, and small harbors. When the spring plowing ploughs the water, it can be grazing in paddy fields that are ready to plant seedlings. Second, careful grazing. The temperature in early spring is low, and it is better to grazing late and extend the grazing time by day. When grazing in river courses, it is generally advisable to go upstream and not to grazing in places with deep water. In the cold winter season, when windy weather is encountered, grazing should be carried out against the wind in order to prevent the wind lifting duck feathers from losing too much heat and cooling the duck body. In addition, the hen's libido is extremely strong in the spring, and the proportion of males and females in the grazing ducks should be taken care of so as not to disturb the disturbance of the ducks. Third, timely feed supplements. Spring egg ducks have high egg production intensity, and they also have a large amount of grazing per day. The live food and green feed intake of the duck have a large volume and low energy, and are easy to digest. Therefore, the feed should be fed on a timely basis according to the number of eggs laid and the feed status of the duck group. Feeding time is appropriate at 9-10 every night. The feed consists mainly of corn and rice in the grain, and the amount can account for 50-60% of the feed; followed by the cake, which can account for 10-20% of the feed; once again, the animal feed such as fishmeal can account for 10-15%. Then add some mineral feeds as appropriate, accounting for about 1%. Fourth, we must do a good job in preventing diseases. The temperature in spring has risen, and various harmful microorganisms have begun to multiply. Coupled with the poor physique of ducks during this period, various pathogens and parasites are easy to enter, so we must pay attention to duck disease prevention. Before the arrival of the season, the ducks should be given a quail vaccine and poultry vaccine once. Into the peak season of peak production, in order to prevent white duck disease and diarrhea, can be mixed in the feed 0.1-0.3% oxytetracycline calcium salt.

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