Pest Control Techniques for "Green" Vegetables

Green vegetables are also called pollution-free vegetables and are vegetables that are pollution-free, safe, high-quality, and nutritious. The prevention and control techniques of green vegetables pests and diseases are as follows: High-temperature sterilization The day before high-temperature sterilization to control cucumber downy mildew, the cucumbers are poured once, the greenhouses are closed the next day, thermometers are placed inside the greenhouses, and solar heating is used at noon in a short period of time. Raise the temperature to 44-45°C for 2 hours, then slowly release the air, reduce the temperature to normal temperature, which is conducive to normal growth and development of cucumber. Biopesticides Biopesticides include Bt, Pieris granulosus virus preparations, and beneficial microorganism-producing bacteria. Bt biocides, 150-200 ml per acre, sprayed once a day for 7 days, can effectively kill 1–2 instar larvae of cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, and soybean meal. Each mu of antibiotics with anti-agriculture 120 ml and 500 ml of Wuyimycin spray. The use of Liuyangmycin, avermectin 2500 ~ 3000 times liquid control of spider mites, aphids, Liriomyza. With agricultural streptomycin, neophytin 4000 to 5000 times the liquid to prevent bacterial diseases of vegetables. The natural enemies use insects to control whiteflies, use Trichogramma to control cabbage caterpillars, corn borers, and cotton bollworms, use seven-spot ladybugs and grasshoppers to control aphids and mites, and use frogs to control butterflies and moth pests. Yellow plate trapping and killing has a strong tendency towards yellow color on the basis of aphids and whiteflies. The use of yellow plate oil in greenhouses can effectively control aphids and whitefly. High-tech uses the virus-free technology of garlic, strawberries, and potatoes to effectively reduce the incidence of viral diseases and increase production. The grafting technology of melons, such as watermelon, eggplant, cucumber and tomato, effectively prevents and controls the occurrence of soil pests and diseases. , improve the yield and quality of vegetables. Plant pest control uses garlic, onion, loofah leaves, tomato leaf leaching solution made of pesticides, control aphids, spider mites, using Sophora flavescens, skunk, green onion leaves leachate control aphids, cabbage caterpillars, cabbage aphids. Artificial hunting kills the pseudo-dead and phototaxis of pests and kills them with black light. Ladybugs that have a tendency to harm the eggplant can be trapped and killed by potatoes around the eggplant. The underground pests gather under the leaves of sycamore and can trap and kill sycamore leaves. Excerpt from: China Pesticide Network

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