Late cotton field management

1. Pouring good autumn water, spraying bells, pouring autumn water, and spraying bells have significant effects on preventing premature aging of cotton, reducing boll shedding, increasing boll weight, and improving seed maturity and fiber quality. The specific approach is: take a small ditch watering root water, while using cotton bollson whole plant spray. 2. Fine pruning, reducing the fine pruning of rotten bell, can improve the ventilation and light conditions of the cotton field, reduce the unnecessary consumption of cotton nutrients, which will help cotton bolls, knot large bells, cotton bolls, boll open, increase cotton yield, Increase the economic benefits of cotton-planting. Specific methods: timely removal of cotton buds in the upper, middle and fruit branches next to the invalid buds; weak branches to follow the see with the fight; the lower part of the cotton plant to lose the function of the old leaves and all the empty branches, axillary buds all removed to prevent the Bell (Do not hit the leaves on the fruit branches). And we must do a good job to push the strain to work together. Method: Step the base of the cotton plant to the side with one foot, and let the two cotton plants fight together to empty the air passage between the rows. After the interval of 5 days to 7 days, the two rows of cotton plants that are in close together are pushed back to restore the original state. This promotes the mature boll opening of bolls and reduces the number of rotten bells. 3. Spray fertilizing drugs to prevent premature aging on defatting premature cotton fields, timely application of 1% ~ 2% urea solution plus vitality solution mixed spraying; for excessively prosperous cotton fields, spraying 2% ~ 3% of superphosphate calcium leachate , Or 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. Spraying was started from late August and sprayed once every 7 days to 10 days, and sprayed twice or three times. 4. To treat pests and diseases, ensure that the harvest meets the characteristics of insect pests, and focus on controlling three generations of cotton bollworms, which also deals with boll disease. The old larvae were killed by hand, and the young larvae were evacuated by drugs to try to lower the base number of the fourth-generation H. armigera. Available "Kaiwei 168" or "Kaiwei 198" or 40% phoxim EC 600ml/hm2, plus 20% triadimefon (triadimefon) EC 600ml, watered 750kg spray, together with other pests and late boll disease, Ensure a bumper harvest for cotton. 5.Pharmaceutical ripening, reducing flowers after the use of "Ethephon" agent sprayed about 40 days of the bolls and growing over-prosperous, greedy late maturity of the cotton field, promote early maturation of bolls boll early, reduce frost after flower, increase economic efficiency. With 40% "ethephon" agent 2.25kg/hm2 ~ 3.01kg/hm2, watered 600kg ~ 750kg spraying all fields. China Agricultural Network Editor

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