Scale marijuana breeding techniques

1, culture conditions. Adequate water supply, annual water temperature maintained at 8-18 degrees Celsius, adequate dissolved oxygen, clean and pollution-free, advanced aquaculture recycling facilities, cement tanks or circular aquaculture tanks with water treatment facilities such as water drainage, cleanup, and oxygen increase Can be farmed. 2, seed stocking. Stocking more than 100 grams of fish requires health, no injury, and neat specifications. 3, bait and feeding. It can feed fresh fish or full-price artificial compound feed to ensure feed quality, nutrition and palatability, timing, quantitative, and positioning feeding, and 80% satiety of pond fish is appropriate. Feed 3 times a day, each feeding time is 10-15 minutes. 4, feeding and management. In the feeding process, daily inspections are inspected to observe the fish's activities and feeding conditions, and the water quality and water flow are adjusted in time to remove the pool's dirt and bait in time and keep the water clean. Due to the difference in growth of fish, the individual has a large ferocious robber and grows faster and faster. The small individual, due to lack of food and slow growth, needs to be sorted and grading in time, usually for 20-30 days. Divide the pool. At the same time pay attention to the nutritional ratio of feed to avoid the occurrence of nutritional fatty liver disease.

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