Let the tulips bloom again

The flowering period of tulips is from March to May each year. If you want to bloom again next year, you can use the following methods for conservation. After the flower fades, the pedicel is cut off, and the bulb with the leaves is planted in the pot (there is also a small courtyard to plant on the ground). The first time to add basal fertilizer, it is best bean cake and bone meal, to promote the growth of small bulbs out of the split, during which time again to apply thin fertilizer 2 to 3 times, usually you need to water to prevent dry. In early summer, when the tulip enters a semi-dormant period, bulbs must be scooped out of the pot, dried and stored. Until September-October, re-basin and Shiji Fei (do not dig from the pot during the dormancy period in summer can also be, but be careful not to be too wet, otherwise the bulb will rot). In winter, the plants can be exposed to winter, and the potted plants are placed outdoors to the sunny warm place. The pot soil should be dry and avoid moisture. After the beginning of the coming year, it will grow new leaves from the soil. During this period, it will also apply the thin fertilizer twice. It will bloom again in April, but the blooms may be smaller.

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