Let the chrysanthemum bloom in the Spring

Chrysanthemum varieties, long flowering period, is a high quality ornamental flowers, such as the opening of the Spring Festival, will undoubtedly add festive atmosphere. How can we make chrysanthemum open during the Spring Festival? Tests show that the following four countermeasures can be taken: First, timely breeding. Chrysanthemum takes about 100 days from planting to flowering, cutting propagation should be in the middle and late August of the lunar calendar. The method is to cut 5 cm to 7 cm long shoots or branches for cuttings from the strong mother plants, cut the base leaves, The incision was spotted with mud, which was inserted into pots and sand. It was irrigated with water and shaded properly. Afterwards, the basin was kept moist. After 10 to 20 days, it was rooted and planted in the middle and late September of the lunar calendar. The second is to use good fertilizer. Chrysanthemum is a kind of short-day plant that likes sunshine, hi humidity, coolness, cold resistance, and water scarcity. Pottery-basic fertilizers should be dominated by phosphorus and potash fertilizers that control strong stalks, and nitrogen fertilizers that promote long-leaf foliage should be avoided. In order to make chrysanthemums grow short and strong, the festival is dense and leafy, and the feet and feet are not empty. The watering of the plants after their survival should not be excessive, but they must often be loosened and weeded to keep the soil loose and promote the development of the root system. Sunny morning watering once, the amount of water is only required to evaporate at noon. Every 1 to 2 weeks, it is used to rot and dilute the liquid fertilizer once. It is also possible to spray 0.3% to 0.4% urea or potassium dihydrogen phosphate to promote seedling growth. . As the plant grows, the concentration of liquid fertilizer can be gradually increased until the bud is stopped. The third is a reasonable picking. In order to increase the flowering branches and promote more flowering, generally three times to pick up the heart. After the colonization and survival, the main stem left 2 knots to start the first topping, and then after every 13 days, left 2 tops once for each lateral branch. The third topping was about 68 days before and after the Spring Festival. It's not too early or too late to pick up the last time, so as not to miss the Spring Festival flowering. In order to reduce nutrient consumption, all buds should be wiped off when the plants just sprout. The fourth is to prevent pests. Aphids are the most important pests of chrysanthemums and have a great influence on flowering. In severe cases, they cause the leaves to wither and even die. Control methods: spray 40% dimethoate 1000 times to 1500 times, or spray 400 times to 600 times the detergent powder (with a little urea added). China Agricultural Network Editor

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